What is Dell SupportAssist? How to download Dell SupportAssist for Windows 11/10? How to install it for driver update? Go on reading this post from MiniTool and you can find a full guide on Dell SupportAssist download, install, & use. Follow the instructions to get it to install the latest drivers for your PC.

Dell SupportAssist Windows 11/10

SupportAssist is a small free application from Dell that can proactively and predictively detect software and hardware on your PC to automate Dell support. Besides, it can automatically detect your PC to personalize the support experience, monitor and detect hardware problems and tune software to keep your PC running at its best, remove viruses and get updates of drivers.

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Let’s see some highlighted features of Dell SupportAssist:

  1. Proactive and predictive problem detection and notification.
  2. Automatic or manual PC hardware scan to identify issues.
  3. Automatically scan the PC for driver updates.
  4. Create a support request when detecting an issue on the Dell PC.
  5. Remove temporary files, delete viruses & malware, tune PC performance and optimize network connectivity.
  6. Roll back to a previous point in time to fix boot problems or other issues.
  7. Save a copy of personal files on the local or external storage device when resetting the PC.
  8. Use Dell Migrate to transfer files and settings from an old PC to a new PC.

To know many features of Dell SupportAssit, you can move to its user manual.

Dell SupportAssist Download Windows 10/11

Currently, the Dell SupportAssist latest version is 3.10.4 that is released on Nov 23, 2021. This version can be used on 64-bit Windows 10 RS4 and later versions of the operating system, as well as Windows 11. Besides, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 is required to run this app on your Dell PC.

Usually, Dell SupportAssist is installed on most Dell computers with Windows 10. But if it isn’t installed on your PC, how to get this app? 2 Options are for you.

Dell SupportAssist download Windows 11/10 via the Dell Support page: Once you visit this page, the process of identifying your system starts. Then, click the button of Download & Install SupportAssist. Then, click Download to get an exe file.

download SupportAssist

Dell SupportAssist download Windows 10/11 via the SupportAssist for Home PCs page: on this page, click the Download Now button to get this app.

Dell SupportAssist Install: After downloading SupportAssist, you need to install it on your Windows 11/10 PC to use. Double-click on the file and follow the on-screen instructions to begin the installation.

Tip: If you want to uninstall Dell SupportAssist, go to Control Panel > Programs and click Uninstall a program. Right-click on Dell SupportAssist and choose Uninstall. Click Yes to confirm the operation.

After that, you can use it to do many things, as mentioned in part one. In the next part, we will show you how to install the latest drivers with Dell SupportAssist.

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Dell SupportAssist Drivers Update & Install

Follow the steps below to automatically download and install the latest drivers for your Dell PC with this app in Windows 10/11:

Step 1: Launch Dell SupportAssist on your PC.

Step 2: Under the Get drivers & downloads section, click Run. If there are available updates, the number of available updates will be displayed.

Step 3: Click Update. Then, choose the updates that you want to install and click Install.

Dell driver update with SupportAssist

To use Dell SupportAssist to do other things like clean files, tune performance, optimize network, etc., click the Run button from the corresponding section.

Tip: In terms of Dell drivers Windows 11 download & install, you can use another Dell application besides SupportAssist. Go to our previous post to know it – Dell Command Update Download & Install and How to Run It.
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Dell SupportAssist Not Working

Sometimes when using SupportAssist, it doesn’t work properly due to some reason. If you are also plagued by this issue, you can try some ways to fix it:

  1. Rename Dell file
  2. Update your Windows to the latest version
  3. Reinstall Dell SupportAssist
  4. Check for viruses or malware

To know much information about the steps of each method, go to the related post – Full Guide to Fix the “Dell SupportAssist Not Working” Issue.

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