This article written by provides a complete tutorial about how to start a Discord video call in its DM or server, how to do video call on desktop, mobile, web browser (mentioned), as well as how to set up various useful settings while calling.

Prepare for Discord Video Call

Before starting your video call on Discord, first of all, make sure your video call feature is enabled by checking out the video settings. Click on the User Settings icon (the gear in the bottom left part) and select the Voice & Video tab on the next screen.

In the Voice & Video tab, scroll down to find VIDEO SETTINGS. As long as you have a video device available, you will be able to select it from the CAMERA dropdown.

Moreover, you can test the video call by clicking the Test Video button. When all test is done, it is ready to make a video call now.

Discord Video Settings

Tip: If you are using Discord on your browser, you may need to allow your browser to access your camera to use the device successfully.

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How to Video Call on Discord?

When you are ready for a video call. Just go! You can directly make a video call in a DM or in a Server, as long as you are permitted to start a video call.

Discord DM Video Call

How to do a video call on Discord DM? In a DM, just press the video icon in the top menu to directly start a video call. If the person you want to call is offline, you will probably not be accepted. 

Discord DM Video Call

Tip: If you only want to talk with your friend without seeing him, you can just start a voice call by clicking the phone icon next to the video icon.

Discord Server Video Call

Server video is a new way for Discord users to stay connected all directly within the same server space you would normally hang out together. You can directly hop into a voice channel and start chatting over video together.

While in a server video, you are able to:

  1. Video chat only
  2. Screenshare only
  3. Both video chat and screen share
  4. Do neither and just chat on voice and watch others’ videos

Currently, altogether 50 users can join the same discord video call in server.

1. Get Server Video Call Permission

Before you actually enter into a server channel video call, firstly, you need to make sure that you are permitted to join such a video call. If you are the owner of this server, you surely have the right to join video calls within the server. Moreover, you can decide whether your members can stream a video here or not. Go to Server Settings > Roles > Video, toggle it on or off to enable or disable your members from joining video calls on this server.

Discord Server Video Settings

2. Join Discord Server Video Call

How to get video call on Discord server? Go to a voice channel of the target server. Once you click to get in the channel, you can watch the ongoing chat and the ongoing video call (in a small window in the corner of your desktop app).

Then, share your video with others by pressing the Video button in the bottom left corner or the Turn on Camera icon within the video call window.

Join Discord Server Video Call

3. Discord Server Video Call Stream Modes

Just as mentioned above, you can do video chat and screen share at the same time on the server. Press the Go Live icon next to the Turn On Camera icon or the Screen button next to the Video button. When a new window pops up, select what you want to share, a specific application or just the full screen. Then, click the Go Live button in the window to start sharing the screen in a video call.

Discord Mobile Video Call

How to start a video call on Discord mobile app? It’s very easy. You can start a video call on your mobile device from a DM or Group Message. Just tap the three dots in the top right corner and choose Start Video Call, no matter you are using iOS or Android.  

Furthermore, there are some gadgets for you to control your video call.

  • Toggle Camera: Turn on or turn off your camera.
  • Toggle Mute: Turn on or turn off your microphone.
  • Switch Camera: Switch your camera between the front camera and the rear camera.
  • Audio Output (iOS only): Change your audio output to your speakers or wireless headset.
  • If you are in a video call with someone who is on his desktop Discord, he can share a screen with you but you can’t share your screen back.
  • If you are using Android devices and have problems rendering video, try to enable hardware acceleration in your user settings.

Discord Video Call Settings for Desktop/Browser Apps

After you started your video call, you can do some settings to this call through the options in the call panel. Let’s see what are the settings?

Discord Video Call Panel

Turn on/off Camera

If you want to share a video in your video call, just click this video icon in the call panel. And, you can click the icon again to end your video stream whenever you want.

Share Your Screen

If you want to share your screen with your friend, simply press the screen share icon in the call panel. Then, a window will pop up asking you to choose what kind of screen you’d like to share, a single application or just your full screen. Once selected, click Go Live to start sharing.

If you want to change your screen share type, just click the down arrow on the screen share icon and go to Change Window. You can also change your screen share quality by selecting Stream Quality and set up FRAME RATE and RESOLUTION. Or, if you just want to stop the screen share, choose Stop Streaming or just click on the screen share icon to achieve it.

Discord Video Call Streaming Settings

If you want to change your microphone or headset while calling, just click on the download arrow on the mic icon in the call panel and change your INPUT DEVICE and OUTPUT DEVICE. What’s more, you can mute or turn your microphone by directly click the mic icon.

Discord Video Call Mic Settings

Also, you are able to alter your camera device via the down arrow of the video icon.

Discord Video Call Modes

There are window modes and view modes for video calls in Discord.

Windows Modes

There are 2 views for Discord video call windows modes.

Discord Video Call Windows Modes

1. Pop Out View

If you want your video call window separate from the Discord app or the web browser, you can click on the Pop Out icon locating in the right corner of the call panel.

If you’d like to pin the pop-out window above all other windows, just click on the Stay On Top button (pin button) that appears next to the Full Screen icon. Click the button again to Remove from Top. Note that this pin feature is only available in pop-out view.

2. Full Screen View

If you want to continue your video call with full screen, just use the Full Screen icon next to the Pop Out icon.

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View Modes

If you are in Discord group video call or Discord multi video call with more than one friend. You may need to change your view modes.

Discord Video Call View Modes

1. Focus View

If you want to focus on one specific person, just use this view. It will put the specific person’s screen as the largest on the left while everyone else’s screens smaller ones on the right. If you want to further expand the focused screen, you can click on the right forwarded arrow to Hide Members.

To change the person you focus on, click on the human icon to Show Members to get everyone else back to the right small section. Then, select the one you want to focus on.

2. Grid View

All video calls will start in this view and this is the perfect view to see all the videos/screen shares within your chat at once!

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