You can download and install the latest drivers for Nvidia GeForce graphics card or other Nvidia products to get the best performance of them. Learn how to download newest Nvidia drivers on Windows 10 to improve the gaming experience and make apps run faster. MiniTool Software, a top software provider, offers you free MiniTool Power Data Recovery, MiniTool Partition Wizard, MiniTool ShadowMaker, etc.

Missing or outdated Nvidia drivers can cause crash or bug issues in your computer. Making sure your PC has the latest Nvidia drivers installed can keep your graphics card run smoothly. In this post, you can learn how to download Nvidia drivers and keep them update on Windows 10.

#1. How to Manually Download Nvidia Drivers from Nvidia Website

Step 1. At first, check what graphics card you have installed on your Windows 10 computer.

  • Press Windows + X and click Device Manager from the list to open Device Manager on Windows 10.
  • Expand Display adapters category in Device Manager.
  • Now you can see all the graphics card on your computer. Check the name of your Nvidia graphics card. You can also right-click the GPU name and click Properties to check its detailed information like Nvidia driver version.

check your Nvidia graphics card

Tip: If you don’t see an Nvidia graphics card but see an Intel or AMD graphics card, then your computer doesn’t have an Nvidia video card.

Step 2. Then you can go to Nvidia official website, click Drivers tab at the top-right to go to Nvidia driver download and find page.

Under Nvidia Driver Downloads, you can choose the product type like GeForce, TITAN, Nvidia RTX / QUADRO, etc. product series, product name, operating system, download type, language. After selecting, you can click Search button to search for the target Nvidia driver.

Nvidia drivers download

Step 3. In the search result, click Download button to download Nvidia driver for your Windows 10 computer. After downloading, you can click the setup file to install the Nvidia driver on Windows 10.

Tip: If you often play games on PC, you can choose Game Ready / WHQL driver to download and install. This can help run games smoother and faster on your PC. If you don’t play games, you can choose Studio driver.

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#2. How to Download Nvidia Drivers via Nvidia GeForce Experience App

If you have an Nvidia GeForce graphics card, Nvidia also offers a free GeForce Experience app to help download all needed Nvidia GeForce drivers automatically. Check how to do it below.

Step 1. Go to Nvidia website and click Drivers at the upper-right. Then click Drivers tab and click GeForce Drivers.

Step 2. Under Automatic Driver Updates, click Download Now button to download GeForce Experience app on your Windows 10 computer. After it completes downloading, you can install the application on your PC.

download GeForce Experience

Step 3. Then you can open GeForce Experience app on your computer. It should automatically detect your graphics card and download newer available drivers of your GeForce graphics card. Usually, it lets you install and update Nvidia driver with a single click.

Alternatively, you can also click Drivers tab in GeForce Experience app to check if there are any updates of drivers to download and install.

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#3. How to Update Nvidia Drivers on Windows 10

As for Nvidia driver update or GeForce drivers update, you can follow the steps below to update Nvidia drivers for your Windows 10 PC.

Step 1. Press Windows + X and select Device Manager. In Device Manager, expand Display Adapters.

Step 2. Right-click your graphics card and select Update driver.

Step 3. Select Search automatically for updated driver software, and follow the screen instructions to install the latest Nvidia driver.

Tip: If this way doesn’t work for the GeForce graphics driver update, you can use the other 3 ways in this post to install Nvidia driver updates on Windows 10.

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#4. Update Windows 10

You can also run a Windows update to install the newly released Nvidia driver updates.

Step 1. Press Windows + I to open Windows Settings.

Step 2. Click Update & Security -> Windows Update -> Check for updates. Windows will automatically check if there are any Windows updates or Nvidia updates available.

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To Sum Up

This post analyzes how to download Nvidia drivers for Windows 10 in 4 ways, hope it helps.

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