Can you play Elden Ring on Steam Deck? How to make Elden Ring run better on Steam Deck? If you have the two questions, then you come to the right place. In this article, MiniTool will show you a full guide about Elden Ring Steam Deck.

Elden Ring, an action role-playing game, was released in February 2022. The Steam Deck, a handled gaming computer, was also released on February 25, 2022. They are both quite popular among game lovers.

So, some gamers are curious and might ask a question: can Steam Deck run Elden Ring? To know the answer and more Steam Deck Elden Ring information, read the following part.

Can Steam Deck Run Elden Ring

Can Steam Deck run Elden Ring? The answer is Yes. Elden Ring has been verified and is playable on Steam Deck. On Valve’s Steam Deck compatibility page, Elden Ring is listed as one of the most popular games on portable gaming devices.

The game ran poorly on Steam Deck at launch, with massive framerate drops and poor graphics. Valve has since helped optimize Elden Ring for Steam Deck, greatly improving the game’s performance with stable frame rates and solid visuals.

Elden Ring should run fine with the default settings, but the performance wasn’t quite as good, and we averaged 28fps while playing the game, which is down from 30fps. Lowering the graphics settings to High allowed the game to average around 33fps, which allowed the game to still look great.

But the game is designed for 60fps play, and after playing at 60fps on PC, hitting 30fps on Steam Deck does make the game feel sluggish.

Also, battery life remains an issue. How long can Steam Deck play Elden Ring? The Steam Deck’s battery reportedly only lasts 93 minutes with Elden Ring running.

How to Make Elden Ring Run Better on Steam Deck

According to gamer reviews, the best way is settings the graphics to High for a better experience, but at a locked 30 FPS. This is by far the smoothest and most stable way to play while also maximizing battery life.

Overall, Elden Ring is doing pretty well on Steam Deck. While it’s locked to 30fps, it’s perfectly fine for this game. Even playing at 30fps, Elden Ring looks and plays well.

But, given the hardware involved, and the ease of playing games on a compact handheld, there are pros and cons, and we’ll probably have to get used to the AAA gaming decks on Steam.

Having said that, Elden Ring and Steam Deck are still in their early stages and future patches may improve performance considerably. Sometimes the game can get very stuck, but this also happens on RTX 3090 PC.

For Elden Ring fans who can’t say no to the game, Steam Deck will certainly have a solution for you, but keep your expectations in check.

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Bottom Line

Can you play Elden Ring on Steam Deck? This post has shown you the answer and more detailed information about Elden Ring Steam Deck. If you have any suggestions, you can leave them in the following comment zone.

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