Windows 11 is deleting Internet Explorer (IE) and if you want to still visit some webpages in IE, see this post from MiniTool and it shows you how to enable Internet Explorer on Windows 11. To use it, you can enjoy a feature called IE mode in Microsoft Edge. Now, let’s go to see it.

Windows Is Deleting Internet Explorer

With the release of Windows 11, many users have checked if the PC can run Windows 11 and made a decision – upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11 to enjoy band new and improved features of this new operating system.

If you have installed Windows 11, you may find its default web browser is Microsoft Edge and there is no Internet Explorer (IE). According to Microsoft, the IE browser is disabled in Windows 11 since Microsoft Edge now includes the IE Mode feature. Edge is the alternative.

Tip: If you don’t want to visit pages with Microsoft Edge by default, you can follow this post to change the default browser – How to Set Default Browser in Windows 11? Easy Ways Are Here!

What Is Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode in Edge?

Internet Explorer mode (IE mode) is built in Microsoft Edge. If it is enabled, you can access websites and apps that are based on the legacy Internet Explorer from Microsoft Edge. For certain versions of Windows 10, Internet Explorer will end on June 15, 2022.

Well then, how can you enable Internet Explorer on Windows 11? Move to the following part to get the answer.

How to Use Internet Explorer in Windows 11?

Follow these instructions below to enable Internet Explorer in Microsoft Edge on Windows 11:

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Edge from Taskbar or the Start menu.

Step 2: Click the ellipsis icon (three horizontal dots) at the upper right corner of Edge and click Settings.

Step 3: Click on the hamburger icon in the upper left corner and choose Default browser.

Step 4: In the Internet Explorer compatibility section, change the setting of Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode to Allow.

Step 5: Then, click Restart to relaunch Microsoft Edge to let the change take effect.

enable Internet Explorer on Windows 11 via Edge Settings

View Pages in IE Mode

Microsoft Edge allows you to add some pages to the Internet Explorer mode list. Just click the Add button next to Internet Explorer mode pages and enter the URL. And the pages in this list will open in Internet Explorer mode for 30 days.

In addition, you can view the web pages in IE mode via another way.

Step 1: First, open the targeted web page in Microsoft Edge.

Step 2: Click the three-horizontal-dots button and choose Reload in Internet Explorer mode.

reload in Internet Explorer mode

Step 3: Then, the opened webpage will be reloaded in IE mode. A small popup appears and you are asked whether to open this page in Internet Explorer mode next time. You can switch the button to On.

To exit this mode, you can click the Leave button or go to click the three-horizontal-dots button and choose Exit Internet Explorer mode.

Final Words

That’s all the information about how to use Internet Explorer in Windows 11. In addition to IE, you can try other web browsers like Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, and more (Related article: Web Browsers for Windows: A List You May Want to View). Just get one to visit pages with one based on your likes.

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