When Microsoft announced that it will end the support for Windows 7, a large number of users are shocked and feel sorry for that. Yet, as time goes by, people seem to have forgotten about it. Till now, there is only 1 year left before the death of Windows 7. Will this affect you?

The End of Windows 7 Support Is Coming

On January 13, 2015, Microsoft made a bold decision; it passed the mainstream support for Windows 7 into only extended support. And it announced that all the security updates or support for Windows 7 will be stopped after January 14, 2020 (less than a year from now).

According to Microsoft, all good things must come to an end, even Windows 7. Although Microsoft has released newer operating system (Windows 8 and Windows 10) to try to replace the 10-year-old OS, many people are reluctant to accept the end of Windows 7 support.

end of Windows 7 support

What if you have deleted files by mistake on Windows 7?

The Death of Windows 7 Forces Crawford County, Pa. to Buy New Computer

Now, Microsoft is on its way to end its technical support of the 10-year-old operating system: Windows 7. This action actually has a great influence on the Crawford County, Pa.

  • It forces the government leaders to approve an operating system upgrade for 56 computers.
  • Besides, about 145 computers will be replaced soon.

Literally, the major upgrade of the hardware of the computer system of Crawford County, Pa.’s government has started.

The budget in capital expenses of this county for 2019 is $280,000, which covers the money for upgrading about 201 computers in this county. According to Tim Kelley, the county’s information technology director, that sum of money is only sufficient for 56 computers from a previous version to either Windows 8 or 10 operating systems. That is to say, another 145 computers have to be replaced.

This overall plan has been approved by the commissioners on January 23. Yet, the cost of computer hardware is expected to be more than $180,000. Besides, the Microsoft operating licenses are necessary for that equipment.

The cost for replacing the 145 computers will be $125,865, including:

  • 94 personal computers, $810 for each (total $76,140)
  • 51 laptop computers, $975 for each (total $49,725)

The cost for the 201 Microsoft Office computer software licenses will be another $62,738.13.

Support for Windows 7 Will End on January 14, 2020, Get Ready Now!

Can You Still Keep Windows 7

There are less than 500 days before Windows 7 reaches the end of life (EOL). Yet, the fact is that 40 percent of the computers throughout the world (most in corporate environments) are still running Windows 7; they are not willing to upgrade it to Windows 10 due to the expensive cost and the troublesome data migration.

Many users are curious: whether it is possible to still keep Windows 7 after January 14, 2020. Microsoft offers its answer to this question for the first time: it will continue to give support to Windows 7 for users who willing to pay; otherwise, the only choice is to upgrade to Windows 10.

All in all, since the Windows 7 support ends, Microsoft is forcing you to make a decision between spending money getting Windows 7 support further or upgrading to a new operating system. Both options make you to spend more money on the operating system.

Well, should you upgrade to Win10 or not?

As for the price, it is not fixed; in contrast, it varies according to:

  • The volume (charges are per machine)
  • The time left from now to the EOL date

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