Error code 2000-0415 is a small issue that is connected to some specific cables of your computer. It is pretty common in Dell devices. If you receive this error at the moment, the tips and tricks of this post on MiniTool Website will be helpful to you.

What Is Dell Error Code 2000-0415?

Error code 2000-0415 is a pretty common issue on Dell devices. When attempting to run the Enhanced Pre-Boot System Assessment tool before booting up a Dell computer, you may receive this error code because your device is unable to find a valid boot device.

The ePSA diagnostic tool is designed to check your devices and parts for any issues including your hard drive, LCD display, jumper, keyboard and more. Dell error code 2000-0415 is closely associated with this tool. When error code 2000-0415 appears, the responsible factors might be:

  • The power cable might be disconnected or unsealed.
  • The power adapter is not connected.
  • There are some errors in the system files or COMS battery.
  • The interference of antivirus software.

How to Fix Dell Error Code 2000-0415 on Windows 10/11?

Fix 1: Check the A/C Power Adapter

When your Dell device draws power from the battery rather than drawing it directly from a power outlet, the voltage or frequency values will be different than the expected equivalents. In this case, the Enhanced Pre-Boot System Assessment scan will throw the error code 2000-0415 because of concerns of a hardware failure.

You can prevent this error by connecting the Dell device to the power adapter and then repeating the ePSA scan.

This method is only applicable for Dell devices with an inbuilt or detachable battery like Dell laptops, Windows tablets, ultrabooks and so on.

Fix 2: Check Disconnected Cables

There is a chance that SATA or ATA cables are disconnected from the HDD/SDD hence causing error code 2000-0415 Dell. Here’s how to check for the disconnected cables: shut down your computer, disconnect it from the mains, and then push every cable to ensure it’s not disconnected damaged, or loosely connected. After that, put the computer case back on, reconnect the power cable, boot up your system and then rerun the ePSA scan.

Fix 3: Clear CMOS  

If you made some hardware changes recently to your Dell device such as replacing the CPU or GPU and so on, the remnant information left from a previous computer configuration will confuse the ePSA scan. To get rid of error code 2000-0415 on Windows 10 or 11, you can clear the CMOS battery by opening the computer case and taking it out for a few moments.

If you have another CMOS battery in hand, replace it to ensure that the battery you deal with is not a faulty one. If not, clean the battery carefully to see if there’s no dirt on it.

After replacing or clearing the CMOS battery, put everything back and launch an ePSA scan again to see if error code 2000-0415 disappears.

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Wrapping Things up

That’s all for Dell error code 2000-0415. By now, I believe that you have removed error code 2000-0415 completely and succeeded in booting up your system without any errors. If you continue to see this error after trying all the solutions above, you had better contact the support team of Dell to get technical help.

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