There are two Internet connection ways – Ethernet and WiFi, that is, wired and wireless. You may want to know the answer to this question “is Ethernet better than WiFi” or “is WiFi or Ethernet faster”. Now, read this post from MiniTool that focuses on Ethernet vs WiFi and you can know which one connection is better.

Usually, you use a WiFi Internet connection in coffee shops, at home, or on your phone. Then, you may think the wired Internet is no longer necessary. In fact, Ethernet is also widely used in a company since its speed is fast.

Well then, Ethernet vs WiFi: what’s the difference? Which one is better for you to choose? Now, let’s see the following part to learn the comparison of them and you can know which to use.

WiFi VS Ethernet


Is Ethernet faster than WiFi?

WiFi was initially based on the 802.11g standard and its maximum theoretical speed was 54Mb/s. Compared with Ethernet, the speed is quite slow since the LAN connection speed can reach 100-1000Mb/s or even higher.

But WiFi has gotten faster over the last few years. It uses the new standards – 802.11ac and 802.11n, so the maximum speed can respectively reach 866.7Mb/s and 150Mb/s. WiFi is good enough to handle most of your daily tasks although it cannot get those speeds in the real world.

As for the transfer speed, Ethernet is faster than WiFi.

If you prefer to play games, transfer files from one computer to another, or you have devices that stream from a media server via the network, or you have multiple devices that back up to a backup server/NAS, the Ethernet connection is important.


Connection speed and quality are not the only things to consider, but latency is another factor you should pay attention to.

Latency refers to the delay where traffic travels from a device to its destination. In the online gaming world, the latency is called ping.

If you are playing a game and need quick reaction time, the Ethernet connection is better since it offers lower latency.

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You can use the ping command to test latency. Just ping your router’s IP address while connected over Ethernet and WiFi. You can find there is much delay when signals travel back and forth between the WiFi device and wireless router. But there is less latency via a wired connection.

Reliability and Interference

Ethernet offers a more reliable connection than WiFi since the wireless connection is subject to much interference due to some reasons, for example, the layout of your house, interference from other networks or electrical devices, objects blocking the signal, etc.

The interference can cause various issues, including dropped signals, lowered speeds, and higher latency.

Thus, in terms of interference, Ethernet is more reliable.


Is Ethernet safer than WiFi?

A wired connection is safer than a wireless connection. This is because data sent via Ethernet can only be accessed by devices that are physically attached to the network. These devices use a firewall for safety.

However, WiFi is an open network so the data is not safe. And you need to encrypt the data to ensure security.


In terms of portability, WiFi is better. You can connect your phone to the network or connect your portable or remote devices via WiFi so that you can use them anywhere.

Now, after reading this part of Ethernet vs WiFi, you know Ethernet is fast than WiFi and it is better in terms of speed, latency, security, and reliability. WiFi only wins in portability.

Which One to Use: Wired VS Wireless?

When reading here, you may ask: which connection should you use? Let’s conclude.

For everyday use, WiFi is available for you.

If you are a gamer or need to stream HD videos without problems or need to connect many devices to the network, Ethernet should be chosen.

Final Words

Ethernet vs WiFi: which connection is better or which one to use? After reading this post, you know much information about these two connection ways. Just choose one based on your actual needs.

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