When using Facebook on your PC, Android, or iOS device, you may find its news feed is not loading. This is frustrating. How can you fix the issue of Facebook news feed not loading? Don’t worry and the solutions will be introduced in this post from MiniTool.

Facebook Feed Not Loading

Facebook is one of the most used social apps and it can be used on many places including your computer, Android, and iOS devices. This company is working hard to make the platform more user-friendly and streamlined.

Even so, you may still encounter some problems when using Facebook, for example, hardware access error, Facebook videoes not playing, Facebook not loading pictures, etc. Recently, users reported another issue – Facebook news feed not loading.

This situation may happen on the web platform and mobile applications. Slow internet speed, down Facebook, wrong preferences, date and time, etc. can trigger this problem.

Fortunately, you can easily fix the issue of Facebook news feed not working. Now, let’s see some useful methods.

Solutions to Facebook News Feed Not Loading

Check the Internet Connection

If the internet connection is not normal, you cannot connect to Facebook whether you are using this app on your computer or mobile device. This is the main reason why you encounter a problem when refreshing or fetching the news feed. So, make sure your internet connection is not limited.

Check If Facebook is Down

The Facebook server may be stuck due to some bugs and may be down in your region. You can check the status by using Downdetector. If it is an issue with the server, you can do nothing.

Check Facebook News Feed Preferences

Facebook news feed has preferences that allow you to decide what you see on this feed page. Sometimes, this feed can update fine but you still see old posts and updates, and you think the news feed is not updating.

You need to adjust your preferences. Just click the three-dot menu next to News Feed and choose Top Stories or Most Recent. Also, you can click Edit preferences to customize your news feed and determine what to see first.

On your mobile device, click the menu icon, choose See More, and tap on Most Recent.

After finishing the operation, restart your browser or app, re-launch Facebook, and see if it can load the news feed.

Turn off Apps

If you are using a smartphone, opening many applications or running many processes at the same can slow down your phone. They could be fighting for the RAM and CPU, as well as bandwidth.

You need to close all these apps and processes, restart Facebook, and see if it can load the news feed.

Clear Application Data

Perhaps Facebook has reached the threshold of cache memory and data, leading to Facebook news feed no loading. To fix your issue, you can clear the cache and data. Just go to Settings > Apps and find Facebook. Tap on Clear Data at the bottom of the screen and then tap Clear all data and Clear cache one by one.

Check Your Time and Date Settings

If the local and geographic times don’t match, the issue of Facebook not loading feed may happen. So, you should check the time settings.

On your Windows PC, right-click the time from the taskbar and choose Adjust date/time. Make sure Set time automatically and Set time zone automatically are enabled. If they are enabled but the time is incorrect, click Change to set the time according to your location.

change time and date in PC

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On your phone, go to Settings > Date and Time and disable Automatic date and time if it is enabled and the time is incorrect. New options pop up and you need to set the time and date according to your location. If the option is disabled, enable it.

Final Words

These are common solutions to fix Facebook news feed not loading. Just try them and you can easily get rid of your issue. If you have any suggestions, tell us by leaving a comment below.

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