This article described by MiniTool mainly talks about the fake Windows 11 downloader or installer. It warns you of the potential risks of using a fake downloading and how to survive the infection. Also, this post gives some ideas about avoiding such threats.

It has been several months since the official release of Windows 11 on October 5, 2021. Although many users have reported Windows 11 bugs, errors, or issues while using this operating system, it does not stop the spreading of the next-generation OS. As a result, more and more people started using Win11 either by upgrading from Windows 10 or by performing a clean installation.

However, there is another problem when people try to get Windows 11. Not a few users who choose to clean install Win 11 have come across fake Windows 11 downloaders or installers.

Fake Windows 11 Downloader/Installer Brings Threats

With the popularity of Windows 11, more and more people finally decided to switch to the latest Windows eleven. Some of them would prefer a clean installation. Yet, when they try to download the installation ISO or package online, some of them will probably come across fake Windows 11 download websites, pages, buttons, or links.

The result of clicking the fake Windows 11 installer will not only make Windows 11 download fails but also bring viruses, malware, spyware, adware, trojan, ransomware, etc. to your computer and put it under a dangerous condition.

For example, once Kaspersky found a fake Windows 11 installer takes advantage of a file named 86307_windows 11 build 21996.1 x64 + activator.exe (1.75GB) launched a program that looks like a Windows installation wizard. It downloads and runs a second executable file that has a license agreement. If you agree with it, it will download malware onto your computer.

Windows 11 Virus & Malware: Examples/Detection/Removal/Prevention
Windows 11 Virus & Malware: Examples/Detection/Removal/Prevention

Have you encountered Windows 11 Virus or malware yet? How do you find it? How do you handle it? Do you have some ideas about how to avoid it?

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How to Tell a Windows 11 Installer is Faker or Not?

Although the following ways are not completely right, they can help you make your judgment.

  • A website that persuades you to download by expressing the benefits you can get like the convenience and fast speed.
  • A webpage that is full of ads, popups, banners, etc.
  • A link that redirects you to another website or makes you perform further clicks.
  • A website with a low reputation and you never heard of.
  • A website with low domain authority and rank.
  • An exe file that opens with a non-windows installation window.
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Can Win11 Run on 2GB RAM & How to Install Windows 11 on 2GB RAM?

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How to Save Yourself from Fake Windows 11 Installer/Download?

If you have already been tormented by the malicious programs or services that infected your PC after using the fake system download, you need to rely on Windows 11 firewall or an antivirus tool to help you “kill” and remove them from your machine, such as Kaspersky, Avast, Bitdefender, Malwarebytes, MacAfee, and so on.

Besides, if you can still access your personal files, move them to another safe device (e.g. external hard drive) or create a backup of them using professional and safe backup software like MiniTool ShadowMaker.

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How to Avoid Attacks from Fake Windows 11 Downloader?

If you haven’t been affected by a fake Windows 11 installer or downloader and you are planning to download Win11 installation files, read the following suggestions to prevent yourself from attacking by viruses or malware.

#1 Download Windows 11 from Microsoft Official Website

The most direct way to avoid Windows 11 fake downloads is relying on the official website of Microsoft. This is the choice of most users. Below is the entrance of the official page where you can download Windows 11 from.

Real Windows 11 download >>

#2 Get Windows 11 from Trusted Sellers

If you trust some Microsoft partners or Windows 11 resellers, you can get the system from them. For example, you can buy a Windows 11 installation DVD/CD from Amazon.

#3 Upgrade from Current Windows 10

If you are currently using genuine Windows 10 and your computer meets the minimum system requirements of Windows 11, you can choose to directly upgrade to Windows 11 without any charge.

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How to Upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11? See a Detailed Guide!

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#4 Buy a New Computer with Windows 11 Preinstalled

If your old machine is regarded as an unsupported PC for Windows 11, you can still get access to Windows 11 by purchasing a new device that has Win11 preinstalled by its manufacturer. In this way, you can not only get a new OS, but also new hardware that will give you a much better experience.

PCs with Windows 11 Pre-Installed Will Be Available Later in 2021
PCs with Windows 11 Pre-Installed Will Be Available Later in 2021

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#5 Restore from a Genuine Windows 11 Image/Backup

Finally, there is a way that also enables you to gain Windows 11 but with some effort. If you have another computer successfully upgraded to or run Windows 11 (maybe your friend’s), you can create a Windows 11 backup with MiniTool ShadowMaker on that machine and restore the backup image to the target PC still with the help of MiniTool ShadowMaker.

MiniTool ShadowMaker TrialClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

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