This article disserted by MiniTool official website focuses on finding your old Facebook account. It offers altogether seven methods for different situations. You can always find one that suits your case!

How Do I Find My Old Facebook Account I Cannot Log into on Computers?

To find your old Facebook account, follow the below guide.

  1. Go to the profile page of the old account that you want to find.
  2. Click the tree-dot icon below the cover photo and choose Find support or report profile.
  3. Select Something Else and click Next.
  4. Click on the Recover this account option and follow the instruction.

find support or report profile on Facebook

How to Find My Old Facebook Account I Can’t Log into on Mobile Phones?

If you were used to using your old Facebook on a smartphone, you can rely on the following steps to find it.

  1. Move to the old Facebook account’s profile page.
  2. Tap More (three dots) below the cover photo and select Find support or report profile.
  3. Choose Something Else and tap Next.
  4. Select Recover this account and follow the on-screen guide.

Help Me Find My Old Facebook Account by Other Methods

If you fail to find your old Facebook account with the steps above, you can try these solutions below.

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#1 Find out Whether You Are Still Logged into the Old Facebook Account Somewhere or Not

Before trying to recover your old Facebook account, you are recommended to check whether you are still logged into the old Facebook account somewhere else like another browser or another device. If you find out that is true, you might “recover” the old Facebook account password without a confirmation reset code.

#2 Find My Old Facebook Account with Contact Details

If you do not have access to the target old Facebook account at all, you are able to find and recover your old Facebook account like this.

1. Open a new browser profile like a guest profile and move to the Facebook recovery page.

2. Enter an Email address or mobile number that you previously added to this account. If you choose to use your phone number, try it with and without your country code. Actually, you can also use your username.

find your Facebook account

3. It may find several Facebook accounts that meet your search. Just find yours and click This is my account.

this is my Facebook account

4. Then, you will be asked how you want to receive the code to reset your old Facebook password, by email or SMS.

how do you want to receive the code to reset your Facebook password

5. Then, Facebook will send you a security code for you to verify yourself and reset your Facebook password.

Next, just follow the guidance to finish the task.

#3 Recover the Old Facebook Account Within Its Profile Page

Being similar to the solution above, you can also recover your old Facebook account from its profile page.

  1. Go to the profile page of the target Facebook account.
  2. Navigate to More > Find support or report profile > I Can’t Access My Account.
  3. Finally, select Recover this account and click Done.
  4. Then, you will be redirected to the Reset Your Password window that is the same as what in Solution 2 right above. So, just follow the steps above to complete.

recover this Facebook account

#4 Recover Old Facebook Account by Changing Its Contact Info

If you can’t access all the recovery emails or phone numbers required in the above solution, or, if your account is hacked by others, you can try to recover it by altering its contact information.

1. Click the No longer have access to these? in Step 4 of Solution 2.

2. Then, on the new page, select I Cannot Access My Email.

choose I cannot access my email on Facebook

3. Then, Facebook will ask you for a new email address or phone number to find your old Facebook account.

add new email address to Facebook

4. If you have set up Trusted Contacts, you can ask the social network to help you to recover your old Facebook account. You have to remember at least one full name of your Trusted Contacts to recover all of them.

recover Facebook account by Trusted Contacts

5. If you did not set up the Trusted Contacts, you might be given the option to answer one of your security questions and reset your password on the spot. This comes with a 24-hour waiting duration before you can access your old Facebook account. Otherwise, you may have to wait until Facebook gets in touch to verify your identity.

#5 Find My Old Facebook Account That Is Disabled

If your old Facebook account is disabled, there is also a chance to regain it.

If your Facebook account is disabled by yourself, you can reenable it by signing back in. If it is disabled by the Facebook official for a violation of their terms, you can try to reactivate it with the instruction below.

  1. Scan or photograph your ID, either one of your government IDs or two non-government IDs.
  2. Go to
  3. Enter the E-mail or phone number connected to your Facebook account.
  4. Input your full name.
  5. Click the Choose Files button under Your ID(s) section to upload your ID pictures.
  6. Finally, click the Send button to complete.

appeal to recover disabled Facebook account

After receiving your appeal request, Facebook will reevaluate your account status and contact you with their decision. You may need to provide further info to recovery your old Facebook account.

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