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Chrome address bar missing

If you can’t see the address bar in Google Chrome, you can try the 5 ways in this post to fix Chrome address bar missing issue and get back the toolbar in Google Chrome. If some files are missing from your PC or other storage media, you can use the free data recovery program from MiniTool to easily restore lost files.

Many of you may use Google Chrome for web browsing. But sometimes you may meet the error that the Chrome address is missing. This may be due to software bugs or wrong browser settings. You may try the possible ways below to fix Chrome address bar missing issue on Windows 10.

Fix Chrome Address Bar Missing – 5 Ways

Fix 1. Exit Full Screen Mode

If the toolbar of Chrome is disappeared, you can firstly check if you are using Chrome in full screen mode. Full screen mode can cause the address bar missing. On Windows, you can press F11 or Fn + F11 to exit full screen mode in Chrome. On Mac computer, you can hover your mouse at the top of screen and click the green circle at the top-left to exit full screen mode in Chrome.

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Fix 2. Restore Google Search Bar from Extensions Menu

If the Chrome toolbar is hidden, you can get back the toolbar from Google extensions menu.

  • You can open Chrome browser on your PC or Mac computer. Click the three-dot icon at the upper-right corner in Chrome, and click More tools -> Extensions.
  • Find the extension you’d like to show on the toolbar, toggle on the switch next to it to make it visible on toolbar again.

Fix 3. Enable Bookmarks Bar

You can open Chrome browser. Click the three-dot menu icon at the top-right corner, and click Bookmarks. Select Show Bookmarks Bar to restore the bookmarks bar under the address bar.

show bookmarks bar of Chrome

Fix 4. Run a Virus Scan

If the Chrome address bar or toolbar is missing or not working properly, you can also run a virus scan to scan and remove possible malware or virus on your computer to see if it can fix Chrome address bar missing issue.

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Fix 5. Uninstall and Reinstall Chrome

The causes may be in the software itself. You may consider to uninstall the Chrome browser and reinstall it to see if the problem solved.

To uninstall Chrome, you can open Control Panel in Windows 10, click Programs and Features. Find Chrome app and right-click it, select Uninstall.

After uninstalling Chrome, you can reinstall the latest version of Chrome. Check if Chrome is normal now.

Some of the fixes above to fix Google Chrome address bar/toolbar missing can be also used in fixing the toolbar missing error of other browsers like Microsoft Edge, Firefox, etc.

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Bottom Line

If the Chrome address bar or toolbar is missing, the ways above might help you get it back.

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