Discord not opening on Windows 10, how to fix? Discord is an excellent chat app for gamers, but sometimes you may meet the Discord won’t open error, check the 8 tricks in the tutorial below to fix this issue. For those who need a reliable free data recovery tool, computer partition manager, backup and restore tool, MiniTool software is top recommended.

This article mainly talks about possible fixes for Discord not opening issue on Windows 10.

Discord is a free voice and text chat application for gamers. It can run on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux and web browsers. It allows text, video, audio communication between game players. Many people like to play games with friends and chat with Discord. But sometimes when you click the Discord app, it doesn’t open.

You can try to restart your Windows 10 computer and open the app again, or completely reinstall the app to see if it can smoothly open. If not, there may be other culprits. We don’t know for sure the exact causes of Discord not opening issue, but we do have some tricks to fix Discord won’t open error on Windows 10. Check them below.

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Download Free Turbo VPN for Windows 10/11 PC, Mac, Android, iOS

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Trick 1. Fix Discord Not Opening – Close Discord in Task Manager and Restart It

  • Open task manager on Windows 10. You can press shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + Esc to quickly open it.
  • Tap Process tab, and find Discord application to click it. Then click End Task button at the right-bottom to kill the background Discord process.
  • Then you can restart Discord to see if it can open and work well.

Alternatively, you can also kill background Discord process by using Command Prompt.

  • Press Windows + R, type cmd and hit Enter to open Windows 10 Command Prompt.
  • Then type this command line: taskkill /F /IM discord.exe, and hit Enter. This should end the Discord process.

Trick 2. Use SFC to Repair Corrupted System Files to Fix Discord Won’t Open

  • Click Start and type cmd or command Prompt, select Command Prompt to open it.
  • Type sfc /scannow command line, and hit Enter. This should be able to repair any corrupted system files in your Windows system.

fix Discord won’t open on Windows 10

Use Netplwiz to Enable/Disable Auto Login on Windows 10/11
Use Netplwiz to Enable/Disable Auto Login on Windows 10/11

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Trick 3. Clear AppData and LocalAppData to Fix Discord Not Opening

  • Press Windows + R, type %appdata% in Run box, and hit Enter.
  • Find Discord folder and right-click it to select Delete to delete it. This should delete AppData.
  • Press Windows + R again, type %localappdata%, find Discord folder to delete it. This can delete LocalAppData.
  • Relaunch Discord to see if it can open.

Tip: If this doesn’t solve the Discord won’t open issue, you can also uninstall Discord and further clear AppData and LocalAppData by following the guide above, then reinstall Discord. To uninstall Discord, you can press Windows + R, type appwiz.cpl, and press Enter to open Programs and Features. Find Discord from the list and right-click it, choose Uninstall to remove it.

Trick 4. Try to Log in Discord with Web Version

Open Discord official website (https://discordapp.com), click Login, and enter your account information to log in Discord in browser. After you logged in, you can open the Discord app again on your Windows 10 computer to see if it can start normally.

Trick 5. Disable Proxies to Fix Discord Not Opening Windows 10

  • Press Windows + R, type control panel and hit Enter to open Control Panel in Windows 10.
  • Click Network and Internet -> Internet Options.
  • Click Connections tab, and click LAN settings button.
  • CheckAutomatically detect settings. Uncheck Use a proxy server for your LAN (These settings will not apply to dial-up or VPN connections) to disable Proxies.

disable proxy

Trick 6. Reset DNS to Solve Discord Won’t Open Issue

  • Press Windows + R, type cmd and press Enter to open Windows Command Prompt.
  • Type ipconfig/flushdns in Command Prompt, and hit Enter to reset DNS.
Use ipconfig Commands to Get/Renew IP Address & Flush DNS
Use ipconfig Commands to Get/Renew IP Address & Flush DNS

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Trick 7. Correct the Date/Time to Fix Discord Stuck on Starting

Press Windows + I, and choose Time and Language option. Make sure Set time automatically is turned on.

Trick 8. Update Discord or Update Windows 10

Check this video for a more intuitive guide:

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