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MTP USB Device Failed

Media Transfer Protocol is a useful element for data transfer between your Android device and the computer. However, you may encounter MTP USB Device Failed. This error will prevent you from transferring data between Android and PC. If you are bothered by this issue, this post from MiniTool Software is useful because it introduces 4 useful solutions.

What MTP USB Device Driver Is?

The full name of MTP is Media Transfer Protocol. It is useful when you need to transfer your data between your computer and your Android device. However, if your device is not installed properly, the connection between your Android device and your PC will be disabled and you will be unable to transfer data between these two devices.

MTP USB Device Failed

MTP USB Device Failed is a common issue that is caused by the MTP USB device driver issue. It always happens when you want to connect an Android device to your computer.

MTP USB Device Failed

You know when you connect an Android device to your PC, Windows will first install a corresponding driver software for your Android device. In this case, it is a MTP USB device driver. From the above image, you can see that Device driver software was not successfully installed (MTP USB Device Failed occurs because MTP USB Device Driver failed).

In this article, we will talk about how to fix MTP USB Device Failed/MTP USB Device Driver failed. There is more than one solution. If you are not sure the exact reason for this issue, you can try these solutions one by one until you find the suitable one.

Solution 1: Check the Connection between Android and PC

At first, you need to check whether there is something wrong with the connection between your Android device and your computer. Here are the things you can do:

  1. Connect your Android device to another PC to check whether the issue disappears.
  2. Try another USB port to rule out whether it is a USB port issue.
  3. Try another USB cable to check whether it is a cable issue.

However, if the MTP USB Device Driver Failed issue still persists, you can try some other solutions to fix it. Keep reading.

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Solution 2: Use Command Prompt

The UAC may restrict your computer from installing some device drivers. This can be the cause of MTP USB Device Failed. In a situation like this, you can use Command Prompt to solve the issue.

1. Run Command Prompt as administrator.

2. Type this command: net localgroup Administrators local service /add.

use Command Prompt

3. Press Enter.

After these steps, you can reconnect your Android device to your computer and then check whether the issue goes away. If this solution doesn’t work for you, you can try the next one.

Solution 3: Modify the Registry Settings

The MTP USB Device Failed issue can also be caused by improper registry settings. That is, when the registry settings are set not to recognize and install an external device. Thus, you can modify the registry settings to make everything go back to normal.

Registry Editor is a professional tool. To keep your registry key safe, you’d better back up your registry key beforehand.

1. Press Win+R to open Run.

2. Type regedit and press Enter to open the Registry Editor.

3. Go to the following location:


4. Press Ctrl + F to call out the search dialogue and then type Portable Devices. Next, click Find Next to continue.

searching the registry

5. When you find that folder, you can go to check whether there is a key called UpperFilters. If yes, you need to delete the key.

6. Restart your computer.

However, if you can’t find that folder, this is not the solution you are looking for. You need to try the next one.

Solution 4: Install the MTP Porting Kit

If you haven’t the MTP Porting Kit on your computer or it is outdated, the MTP USB Device Failed issue can also occur. In this case, you can install the latest MTP Porting Kit on your computer to see whether it can solve the issue.

  1. Go to the Microsoft download center.
  2. Click Download to download the Media Transfer Protocol Porting Kit on your PC.
  3. Open the downloaded file to install it on your computer.
  4. Reboot your PC.

After these steps, you can connect your Android device to your PC again to check whether the issue disappears.

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