In general, it is easy and won’t take too much time to log into Pokemon Go, one of the most famous Augmented Reality (AR) games that you can play on both iOS and Android devices. However, you may run into problems when logging in: “Unable to Authenticate” and “Failed to Log in” are two of the common error messages.

Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality (AR) mobile game. It becomes more and more popular since its release in 2016. Even if you haven’t played it, you have heard of the name and know what the game is. But like any other apps and games, errors could occur on it.


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Can't Sign into Pokémon Go: “Unable to Authenticate” or “Failed to Log in”

Recently, I noticed that many people are complaining about the Pokemon Go login issues. They receive the “Unable to authenticate” or “Failed to log in” error message that stops them from logging in successfully as usual.

Error 1: Pokemon Go unable to authenticate.

Unable to authenticate. Please try again.


Unable to authenticate Pokemon Go

Error 2: can't log into Pokemon Go.

Failed to log in.



Failed to log in Pokemon Go

Whether you are running Pokémon Go on iOS or Android devices, you may receive the Pokemon Go can't authenticate or Pokemon Go can't sign in error message. What causes them to appear?

What Makes Pokemon Go Failed to Login

A lot of reasons may trigger the Pokemon Go login issues. Here are some common ones:

  • Internet connection issue: your internet connection doesn’t work.
  • Pokémon Go server down: the server could be down sometimes and affect users’ playing of the app on any devices.
  • Restricted data usage: usage of data in the background is not allowed or excesses a certain limit.
  • Unstable system and bugs: if your Pokémon Go app version or the operating system version of the device running it is old, some bugs may occur to stop from finishing the login.
  • Rooted mobile phone: Pokemon Go can’t be played on a rooted device.
  • Banned account: a user account could be banned if it broke the game’s Terms of Service.
  • Account issues: if the account information is incorrect or the account is glitched, you can’t use it to log into the app.
  • VPN or proxy: if you’re using VPN or proxy when opening Pokemon Go, your login action may be blocked. The sites/servers think your connection is suspicious, so it won’t allow you to get access to the game.
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How to Fix Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate

Since you now have a basic understanding of how the problem is caused (why the error appears), I will move on to introducing some useful solutions. Please follow them one by one when you are unable to authenticate Pokemon Go.

Check Things before You Try Other Solutions

Check Server Status

First, you should visit the official website to check the status of Pokemon Go server.

  • If the server is temporary down or under maintenance, you should wait for it to recover. Please try to log in the game later.
  • If the server works fine, you should go to check your network.

Check the Internet Connection

How to check your internet connection:

  1. Open other applications installed on your device to see whether they work well.
  2. If no, please try to switch from cellular data to WiFi connection (and vice versa) or modify their settings.
  3. If yes, please try to disconnect and then reconnect the network. You can do this by turning on Airplane Mode and then turn it off.

Check Whether Your Device Is Rooted

Please figure out whether your Android phone or iOS device is rooted or jailbroken. The Pokemon Go doesn’t support a rooted/jailbroken device. If this is the case, you need to change your device.

Update Pokémon Go

Bugs can be found on older versions of apps and programs easily. You need to check whether your version of Pokemon Go game is the latest one. If not, please up it to the latest version now.

  • Update on iOS device: open Apple App Store -> click on your profile icon at top right -> scroll down to find pending updates -> locate Pokemon Go -> click Update next to it and wait.
  • Update on Android device: open Google Play/App Store -> locate Pokemon Go -> check for updates and follow the instructions.

Unable To Check For Update? Here Are 6 Useful Fixes!

Update Pokémon Go

Restart Pokemon Go

The steps to close Pokemon Go and relaunch on different versions of iOS device and Android device are different. If you don’t know how to do that, please ask help from others or search on the internet for your model.

If this didn’t work, you can also try to solve the problem by uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Other Fixes for Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate

You can also try these methods if above solutions failed:

  • Use a VPN/proxy.
  • Disable data usage restriction.
  • Clear the device and app cache.
  • Update the OS of your device to the latest version.
  • Verify account (check whether it’s banned or have other problems).
  • Try a different account.
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