If you are suffering VPN slow connection speed, this post provides 10 tricks to help you fix a slow VPN connection and speed up your VPN speed. For troubleshooting other computer problems, like recovering lost data, managing hard drive partition, system backup and restore, MiniTool software provides you full set of solutions.

  • Why is my VPN slow?
  • How do I fix a slow VPN connection?
  • How can I increase my VPN speed?

VPN, short for Virtual Private Network, extends a private network across a public network, and enables you to send and receive information across shared or public networks. If your VPN speed seems slow, here are 10 tricks to speed up VPN connection speed to make the VPN faster.

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Fix VPN Slow – 10 Tricks to Speed up VPN Connection Speed

#1. Check Internet Speed without VPN

At first, you can identify whether your VPN is the culprit for slow Internet connection speed. You can disconnect your VPN connection, and check the Internet connection speed. Then connect your VPN and check the speed again. You can compare the speeds to see if it’s the problem of VPN.

#2. Change another VPN Server

The VPN server location also has an impact on the connection speed. If you are connected to a very far or overloaded VPN server, your VPN connection speed may be slow. You can choose a VPN server that is closer to your real location. This may help speed up your VPN speed.

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#3. Change VPN Protocols

Most VPNs use these two protocols: TCP and UDP. Both have strong encryption. TCP will check itself to make sure all transferring data arrive correctly, so it’s more stable. UDP will not check itself, it is not as stable as TCP, but it is faster. You may try to change to the UDP protocol to see if the VPN would be faster.

#4. Change VPN Encryption Level

Most VPNs use OpenVPN as their default encryption. It keeps a good balance in speed and security. But if you are facing slow VPN speed all the time, you can change the encryption level which may have less security but has faster speed.  Generally the speed hierarchy from fastest to slowest is PPTP > L2TP/IPSec > OpenVPN > SSTP > IKEv2/IPSec.

#5. Restart Modem and Router

You can also try to restart your modem and router to see if the VPN speed can go back to normal. Just power off and power on the modem and router to restart them.

#6. Try a Wired Connection

Wireless connections use a shared channel to send and receive data which may cause slow SPN speed. You can change to a wired connection to see if it can boost VPN speed.

#7. Restart Your Computer

If your computer are running out of free RAM, CPU or other resources, you may encounter a slow speed. You can close all programs and restart your computer to see if the VPN speed is increased.

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#8. Do Not Set Up VPN on Your Router

When you connect a VPN, you have two choices: set up VPN on your router or set up VPN on each individual device. It’s advised you choose the second option.

#9. Temporarily Disable Firewall and Third-party Security Software

Firewall and antivirus software help protect the device’s safety, but security programs will scan all sending and receiving data packages. They may cause a slow VPN connection speed. You can try to disable security software temporarily to see if it gives a faster VPN speed. However, we don’t recommend you disable them all the time since it may put your device at risk.

#10. Contact VPN Provider

If nothing helps in fixing slow VPN speed, you may contact your VPN provider for professional help.

Bottom Line

Here are 10 tips to help you fix VPN slow connection speed issue. If you want other solutions like data recovery, system backup and restore, data backup, hard drive partition management, video downloading, etc. MiniTool software provides professional tools for you.

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