This article introduces the top 15 free VPN Chrome extensions and teaches you how to set up and use a VPN extension in Chrome. You can choose your preferred Chrome VPN extension to get fast, secure, and private web browsing in Google Chrome browser. MiniTool Software not only provides useful computer tips but also offers useful tools like MiniTool Power Data Recovery, MiniTool Partition Wizard, MiniTool ShadowMaker, etc.

What Is a VPN Extension?

With a VPN server, you can unblock content or sites that may not be available in your country. A good VPN Chrome extension can hide your IP address, unblock content in other locations, and help you bypass many web restrictions like blocking ads or malware. You can add a reliable free VPN extension to your Google Chrome browser to stay safe and private when browsing or streaming online.

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Top 15 Free VPN Chrome Extensions for Fast and Safe Web Browsing

Below we list the 10 best free Chrome VPN extensions for your reference. These free Chrome VPNs feature fast speeds, strong encryption, easy setup, unlimited bandwidth, etc.

Free VPN

Free VPN, offered by Phoenix Software Solutions LLC, is a good free VPN for Chrome that allows you to change your IP and unblock many websites that you can’t access. It offers unlimited traffic and bandwidth and lets you get access to VPN servers in over 42 countries.

You can easily find and add this free Chrome VPN extension to your Chrome browser from Chrome Web Store. Then you can click the Free VPN icon at the right of the browser address bar, select your desired country from the VPN server list to connect to a VPN.

To use this free Chrome VPN extension, you don’t need to create an account or register to use the VPN service.

Urban VPN Free Download for Chrome, PC, Mac, Android, iOS
Urban VPN Free Download for Chrome, PC, Mac, Android, iOS

Download Urban VPN for Chrome, PC, Android, iOS, etc. to use this free VPN service to access any website in various locations and countries.

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VPN Proxy VeePN

This best free VPN extension for Chrome lets you easily access geo-blocked content or websites. It protects your privacy online and secures your personal data. It also features unlimited traffic and bandwidth, 2500+ servers in 60+ countries, high-speed server network, ad-block, no-log policy, one-click setup, cross-platform support, You can find this free VPN extension in Chrome Web Store and click the Add to Chrome button to easily add it to your Chrome browser, then you can use this free VPN extension to surf the web safely from any location.

ZenMate VPN

This is also a top free VPN for Chrome used by many people. You can download and install this VPN extension for Google Chrome and get unlimited bandwidth and fast connection speeds. It also uses strong encryption to secure all your traffic and hides your real IP address to let you access any blocked website. Its browser extension for Chrome has VPN locations in over 78+ countries.


This free unlimited Chrome VPN helps you unblock any website and stay secure while browsing online. You can use this free VPN extension for Chrome without registration. You can easily install this extension to your browser and choose your desired country.


This top free VPN Chrome extension offers a safe and secure browsing experience in the Chrome browser. It secures all your online activity. You can download and install this free VPN extension and turn on VPN protection instantly straight from your Google Chrome browser. It provides WebRTC blocking and Location Spoofing features.

Download VeePN for PC, Mac, Mobile, and Browser
Download VeePN for PC, Mac, Mobile, and Browser

This post gives a VeePN review and offers guides on how to download VeePN for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, PC, Mac, Android, iOS, etc. to use this VPN service.

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NordVPN is the most popular VPN service. It supports various platforms and offers a VPN proxy extension for Chrome. It features strong online privacy protection, quick speed, no limits, and more. You can search NordVPN in Chrome Web Store and add this VPN extension to your Chrome browser. Then you can log into your NordVPN account, click the NordVPN icon at the top-right corner, and click Quick Connect to connect this Chrome VPN.

Browsec VPN

Another popular free Chrome VPN extension is Browsec VPN. This VPN browser extension protects your IP from internet threats and lets you browse online privately for free. You can use this free VPN to access any site and unblock any content.

Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy

You can add this free VPN extension to your Chrome browser and use it to unblock any website or content. Its top features include fast speed, WebRTC blocker, unblock geo-restricted content, secure all online activities, and more.

Touch VPN

If you are unable to access some websites, you can also add this free VPN extension to your Chrome browser. It helps you unblock any website and offers private browsing. It is a free, unlimited, simple, and secure VPN.

SaferVPN Proxy

This free Chrome VPN extension offers great speed and free access to many locations.

TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear VPN for Chrome is a free lightweight extension that unblocks any content and encrypts all of your browsing traffic.

Surfshark VPN Extension

You can also try this free VPN for your Chrome browser. It can unblock sites, hide your IP, block ads/trackers/malware, spoof your location, and offers 3200+ servers in 65+ countries.


This proxy extension for Chrome lets you enjoy fast streaming anywhere and anytime you want. It provides complete online safety and anonymity on the internet. This top free VPN extension offers you access to 50+ different locations.

Astar VPN

This is also a free and fast VPN extension for Google Chrome. You can easily connect it and use this VPN immediately. It encrypts your connection and unblocks websites easily.


To unblock content and websites and browse the web safely, you can also try this free Chrome VPN extension.

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