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This post introduces the Google SafeSearch feature, and gives a detailed guide on how to turn on or turn off Safe Search in Google Chrome browser on computer, Android or iPhone. MiniTool Software, a top software developer, provides various computer solutions and useful software incl. MiniTool Power Data Recovery, MiniTool Partition Manager, MiniTool MovieMaker, etc.

What Is Google SafeSearch?

Google SafeSearch feature automatically filters the inappropriate content from the search results across websites, images and videos.

Parents can turn on Google SafeSearch setting to hide explicit content from children. Besides, Google SafeSearch setting is turned on by default for signed-in users under 13. Only parents can turn off SafeSearch. In schools and workplaces, it can be also turned on to limit on searches on shared computers.

However, the Google SafeSearch feature might also block the access to many acceptable websites and contents for adults. Google lets you turn off SafeSearch so as to view all the results from a search.

Check how to turn off Safe Search in Google and how to turn on it if you want.

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How to Turn Off or On SafeSearch in Google?

On Computer:

Step 1. You can go to https://www.google.com/preferences in Chrome browser to open Google Search Settings. To open Google Search Settings window, you can also open Chrome Home page and click the Settings button at the right-bottom. Alternatively, you can search a query in Chrome and click Settings -> Search Settings to access Google Search Settings window.

Step 2. In Google Search Settings window, you can uncheck the box “Turn on SafeSearch” under SafeSearch Filters to turn off Google Safe Search feature. To turn on Google Safe Search, you can check the box again. Click Save button to save the settings.

turn off safe search in Google

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On Android:

For Google Chrome app, you can open Google app on your Android phone, and tap the three-dot icon. Click Settings -> General and turn off the switch next to SafeSearch.

For Chrome browser on Android devices, you can open Google Search Settings page, tap Filter explicit results under SafeSearch filters section to turn on Google SafeSearch, or tap Show most relevant results under SafeSearch filters section to turn off Safe Search in Google.

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On iPhone or iPad:

For Google app, you can launch Google app. Next you can tap your profile picture and tap Settings -> General -> Search settings. Then you can tap Hide explicit results to turn on SafeSearch or tap Show explicit results to turn off SafeSearch under SafeSearch filters section.

How to Turn On or Deactivate Safe Search in Yahoo

  • You can open Yahoo browser and conduct a search in the search box.
  • Next you can click the square Menu icon and click Settings.
  • Click the drop-down icon next to SafeSearch and select Off – do not filter results to turn off Yahoo SafeSearch. Click Save button to save the setting. If you want to turn on Yahoo SafeSearch, you can choose Strict – no adult content or Moderate – no images or video.

How to Turn Off or Turn On Safe Search in Bing

  • You can open Bing browser, click the three-line Menu icon at the top-right corner and click SafeSearch.
  • Next you can select Off to make Bing not filter adult content from your search results. Click Save button to save the changes.

To turn on SafeSearch again, you can follow the same operation and choose Strict or Moderate option. Click Save button to save the setting.

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Bottom Line

Up to now, you should know how to turn on or turn off SafeSearch in Google on different devices, and how to turn off or on SafeSearch in Yahoo or Bing.

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