This post teaches you how to change Google search settings when you search something in Google Chrome browser. Adjust the search settings in Chrome to filter the search results.

Google Chrome browser is widely used for online searching. When you search in Google Chrome browser, you can change the Google search settings to better display the search result and quickly find what you want. Learn how to change search settings in Google Chrome.

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How to Change Google Search Settings

Step 1. Open Google Search Settings window.

You can open Google home page. Then look at the upper-right corner to check if your account profile picture is there. If you see a Sign in button, then you are not signed in. If you like, you can sign in first so that the settings change can be kept every time you log in your Google Account.

At the bottom-right corner of Chrome home page, you can see the Settings button, click it and select Search Settings to open Google Search Settings page.

Alternatively, you can copy the link to your browser to open the Search Settings window of Google.

change Google search settings

Step 2. Change Google search settings

Next you can choose the search settings you want to adjust. You can change the settings below and click Save button to save the changes.

SafeSearch Filters: You can turn on or off SafeSearch feature based on your needs. The SafeSearch helps filter out relevant results that you may want to keep away from children.

Results per page: You can set the number of displayed search results per page.

Private results: This helps find and show more relevant content for you.

Spoken answers: When you search by voice, you can make Chrome speak the answers aloud or just show text.

Where results open: You can adjust to open link in a new tab or not.

Search activity: You Google search activity includes things that you search for, you click and other Google activities. It helps give you more relevant results of your search. You can view your search activities and choose to manually or automatically delete some activities.

Region settings: Change the region settings.

Language: You can choose which language Google products use so as to change language on Google.

Set time range of search results: After you search a query in Chrome browser, you can click Tools icon under the search box. And you can click the drop-down icon of time period to select a preferred time range to display the search results.

On Android, iPhone or iPad, you can go to, and tap the three-line menu icon at the top left and choose Settings. Choose and change your Google search settings and click Save at the bottom of the page to save the settings.

The Google search settings may be a little different on computer and mobile.

Tip: If you’ve signed into your Google Account, adjust and save some Google search settings, then your settings will be the same no matter which browser you use to sign in your Google account.

Bottom Line

You can change the Google search settings to sift the search results to get more relevant results.

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