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What Is GoogleUpdate.exe?

GoogleUpdate.exe is a component of Google Updater and it runs Google Updater. It manages downloads, installs, removes, and updates of Google products. Google Update Service runs as a background process and the service name is gupdate. This service aims to keep your Google application up to date. (Related: Is My Chrome Up to Date?)

Google Update application is automatically installed on your computer when you install a Google product like Google Chrome. This service uninstalls itself when there is no Google software on your computer. You can find Google Update exe file on your computer by following the path below.

GoogleUpdate.exe location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Update\GoogleUpdate.

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Is GoogleUpdate.exe Safe?

Originally Google Update is a trusted application. It doesn’t have a visible window. But if you find it in other directories on your computer, it has an abnormal file size, it consumes extra CPU, and computer becomes slow, then the file may not be safe. Some malware or virus may use the name GoogleUpdate.exe to disguise themselves. You should immediately run an antivirus scan to remove the malware or virus.

How to Disable or Remove GoogleUpdate.exe?

GoogleUpdate.exe is not a necessary component for Windows computer. If you find it often causes problems, you can completely disable it or uninstall it from your computer. Please be noted if the Google Update Service is disabled, your Google software will not update anymore and you cannot experience the new features of Google Chrome.

  • To disable Google Update Service, you can press Windows + R, type msc in Run dialog, and press Enter to open Windows Services.
  • Scroll down to find Google Update Service (gupdate) in the list and double-click it to open its properties window.
  • Then you can click the drop-down icon next to Startup type to choose Disabled option to disable Google Update service. Click Apply and click OK to save the changes.

disable Google Update Service

You can also use this way to disable Google Chrome auto update.

If you want to uninstall GoogleUpdate.exe, you have to uninstall all Google software that will use Google Update Service. When there is no Google software using this service, the Google Update Service (gupdate) will uninstall automatically.

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How to Manually Update Google Chrome

If your Google Chrome doesn’t update because the Google Update Service has problems, you can try to manually update Chrome.

Just open Google Chrome browser, click the three-dot icon at the top-right corner, and click Help -> About Google Chrome. You can check the Chrome version here, and it will automatically update your Chrome to the latest version.

Alternatively, you can also uninstall Chrome and try to download and install Google Chrome on Windows 10 again. The GoogleUpdate application should also be uninstalled and reinstalled.


This post describes something about GoogleUpdate.exe and how to disable it or remove it, hope it helps. For more computer tips and solutions, you can go to MiniTool Software website. Free data recovery, disk management, system backup and restore, video converting/editing/downloading/recording, and more solutions can be found.

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