Why does HBO go keep buffering? How to get HBO to stop buffering? If you are bothered by HBO Max buffering issues, don’t worry. You can go to read this post from MiniTool and some useful methods are introduced to you here.

HBO Max Keeps Buffering/Not Loading

HBO Max is an excellent streaming app that combines all of HBO with even more blockbuster movies, TV favorites, and new Max Originals. Although it offers an extensive content library, this service doesn’t come without issues. HBO Max not working always happens, for example, HBO Max not loading, HBO Max loading is slow, or HBO Max won’t stop buffering.

Why does HBO go keep buffering or not loading? The possible reasons include down HBO Max servers, slow internet speed, an old version of the app, corrupt installation files, cache issues, and more. Fortunately, you can easily fix HBO Max buffering issues.

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How to Get HBO to Stop Buffering

If you run into the issue of HBO Max not working – keeps buffering or not loading, there are multiple methods for you and let’s see them one by one.

Check the Servers’ Status

If the HBO Max servers are down, you cannot stream content from HBO Max smoothly. Then, video playback starts buffering and you may be forced to wait much longer to let the video get loaded. You should go to check the servers’ status.

Go to the Downdetector website to have a check. If servers are down, you can only wait until HBO engineers fix the issue at the end.

Check Your Internet Network

A slow or unstable internet network can cause HBO Max buffering issues. According to HBO, at least a download speed of 5 Mbps is required to watch an HD video without problems. You can go to check your internet connection via a professional tool and here is a related article – Top 8 Free Internet Speed Test Tools | How to Test Internet Speed.

internet speed test

Reconnect Your VPN

HBO Max can read the IP of your device. Some VPNs cannot be used with the streaming service since HBO is only available for specific locations. If the VPN connection is configured incorrectly, some issues happen including the buffering issue.

To stop HBO Max from buffering, you can reconnect the VPN by switching the server to a location in the United States.

Check the Number of Devices Streaming HBO Max

HBO Max allows you to share an account with others. But the limitation is up to five profiles can be created. Besides, only three devices can stream the content at the same time. If you go over the limit, perhaps HBO Max keeps buffering and you cannot stream videos smoothly with an error like “Can’t Play Title. You’re streaming HBO Max on too many devices simultaneously.”

can't play title HBO Max

To continue, you need to log out from one device and see if HBO Max buffering issues are fixed.

Sign out and Back into Your Account

This way can fix some temporary glitches and bugs that lead to HBO Max not working like HBO Max keeps buffering.

Step 1: Visit hbomax.com via a web browser.

Step 2: Click the account name and choose Manage Devices.

Step 3: You can click Sign Out for every device or click Sign All Devices Out.

Step 4: Confirm the operation.

Step 5: Sign in to the HBO Max account using the registered email and password.

Update HBO Max

Some glitches and errors can be fixed in an update. If HBO Max won’t stop buffering, you can try to update this app. Just go to the device’s store, locate the HBO Max app and click the Update button to check for an update and install.

Reinstall HBO Max

HBO Max may not be installed on your device correctly or the installation files are corrupt, leading to HBO Max buffering issues. To help you out, you can reinstall this app.

Clear Cache and Delete Browser Cache

According to users, clearing caches and cookies on your device or in your browser can be helpful to fix your issue since they may accumulate over time and lead to some issues including HBO Max not loading/keeping buffering. Take action!

Restart Your Device

Someone says restarting the device is helpful to get rid of the buffering issue. So you can also have a try. After your device is on, go to stream your favorite show or movie to see if the issue is fixed.

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These are the common fixes and you can have a try if HBO Max keeps buffering on your device. If you have any other useful ways, tell us in the following comment.

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