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how to clean boot Windows 10

If you are unable to run a program or install an update on your computer, you can perform a clean boot to try to find the conflicting service that prevents you from using your computer normally. You can see this post to learn how to clean boot Windows 10. More useful information, you can visit the MiniTool home page.

Why You Need to Perform a Clean Boot in Windows 10?

You know that there are different device drivers, settings, and programs on your Windows 10 computer. At times, the software may run into conflicts. But, you don’t know which programs are conflicting. You just note that your Windows can’t boot normally or you can’t install updates normally.

In this situation, you can consider performing a Windows 10 clean boot, since a clean boot enables your Windows to boot with a minimal set of drivers and startup programs so that you can find out whether there is a background program is disturbing the normal operation of your Windows 10.

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In this guide, we will walk you through the detailed steps on how to perform a clean boot in Windows 10.

How to Clean Boot Windows 10?

To clean boot a Windows 10 computer, you need to follow these steps:

1. Press Cortana.

2. Type msconfig in the search box and press Enter.

3. Switch to the Services section.

4. Check the Hide all Microsoft services option.

5. Press the Disable all button.

check Hide all Microsoft services and click Disable all

6. Switch to the Startup section.

7. Press Open Task Manager.

click Open Task Manager

8. Click the startup program that may interfere with Windows 10 and press Disable. Then, repeat this step to disable all the suspected programs.

9. Close Task Manager and the System Configuration window.

disable all the suspected programs

10. Restart your computer.

Your Windows 10 computer will only boot with the essentials. If you can’t use a program or install an update previously, you can try to do these jobs now.

If the issue still exists, you can know that there is no conflict between software and the exact cause happens somewhere else.

If the issue disappears in the clean boot environment, then you can try to find out the offending program or service that cause the issue. You need to repeat step 1 to step 4 above, but only re-enable half of the services

For instance, you can re-enable the top half of all the non-Microsoft related services (the ones that are important to Windows should be hidden in the fourth step). After restarting your computer, you can go to see if the issue happens again. If not, you need to re-enable the rest half non-Microsoft services to have a try again. If the issue appears, you can know that the conflicting service is in the lower half ones.

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No matter the conflict happens in the top half or the bottom half of the services, you can then narrow down the search range by disabling services and rebooting PC. If the issue disappears, you can know what exactly causes it.

How to Quit the Clean Boot Environment?

After finding the conflicting program, you can let your computer quit the clean boot environment. You can follow these steps:

  1. Press Cortana.
  2. Type msconfig in the search box and press Enter.
  3. Switch to the Services
  4. Check Hide all Microsoft services.
  5. Press Enable all.
  6. Check the offending startup service.
  7. Switch to Startup.
  8. Press Open Task Manager.
  9. Choose a startup program and press Enable.
  10. Repeat the above step to enable all startup programs.
  11. Close Task Manager and the System Configuration window.
  12. Restart your computer.

Now, your computer should function normally.

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