Animal Crossing is a social simulation video game series developed and published by Nintendo. For recent years, easy and fun varieties of gameplay make Animal Crossing go viral. Some new players may be strange to some game settings. This post on MiniTool Website will teach you how to add friends on Animal Crossing.

How to Add New Friends on Animal Crossing?

If users have visited your town at least once, you can add them as Nintendo Switch friends. Also, you can add them to your Animal Crossing Best Friends List.

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There are some nuances between Friends and Best Friend in Animal Crossing. New Horizons distinguishes between "Friends" (friends on the Nintendo Switch) and "Best Friends" (friends you add to the game through the "Best Friends List" app on the Nook Phone).

Best Friends can use all their tools on your island, while Friends aren't allowed to use destructive tools.

If you want to add a new friend on Animal Crossing, here is the way out.

Step 1: Open your Nook Phone in Animal Crossing.

Step 2: Choose Best Friends List.

Step 3: Add a name and select it.

Step 4: Tap Ask to Be Best Friends.

They can be your best friends after accepting the invitation.

You can also add friends by inviting friends on Animal Crossing. The next part will teach you how to invite people.

How to Invite Friends to Your Island?

If you want friends to visit your island, you can do as follows:

Step 1: Open Animal Crossing and enter Dodo’s Airlines by travelling to the bottom part of your island.

Step 2: Talk with Orville and pick I want visitors.

Step 3: You can invite friends to play with you in person or online.

Step 4: Select Roger and Choose to invite all my friends as well as invite via Dodo Code.

You can add new friends by getting along well with those visitors.

How to Visit Friends’ Island?

The way to visit friends’ island is much the same as the way to invite visits.

You can talk with Orville on Dodo’s Airlines and then tell him you want to visit someone. He'll give you a choice between a local game and an online game, and then you can either search for a friend to see if anyone in your Switch friend list is open to a friend or search by Dodo Code someone else has sent.

You need to use the methods you normally use to talk to your friends and make sure they leave the door open.

What Can You Do with Friends?

When friends visit your island or you visit their island, you can play Animal Crossing together as usual, but with a companion, you can't do things like remodeling islands. You can trade items by dropping them on the ground, trade fruit, visit each other's stores, talk to each other's villagers, etc.

Some of you may wonder if Animal Crossing can be played on PC and this article can give you an answer: Can I Play Animal Crossing on My Computer & How to Do That?

Bottom Line:

This is a disparate world where you can create a wonderful new life with your friends. Its interesting gameplay can bring much fun for you and you can share such a pleasure with your friends.

Hope this post about how to add friends on Animal Crossing can be useful for you. May you have a good day.

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