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how to add people on Discord

As for how to add people on Discord and how to invite friends to a Discord server, this post includes detailed guides. If you are looking for some practical free software for Windows, MiniTool software offers free data recovery software, free disk partition manager, free Windows OS backup tool, free video converter, free video editor, and more.

If you create a Discord server and want to add people to this server to chat with them, or you want to invite friends to a Discord server, you can check below for how to add people on Discord.

You can either add someone on Discord either by using Discord desktop app or mobile app, check the guides below.

How to Add People on Discord on Desktop Computer – 4 Ways

You have some methods to invite people to a Discord server when using the Discord desktop app.

Method 1

  • Open Discord app, and click the target server you’d like to add someone.
  • Click the server name and click Invite People from the drop-down menu.
  • Then you can copy the invite link and share this link to that friend to invite him/her to this Discord server.

how to add someone on Discord

Your invite link expires in 1 day. If you want to remove this limitation, you can tick “Set this link to never expire” option.

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Method 2

  • Open Discord app or web browser version, and log into your Discord account.
  • Click Friends in the left panel.
  • Click Add Friends at the top panel.
  • You can search the target friends by their username (DiscordTag).
  • Click Send Friend Request button next to the username of the target person.

Method 3

  • Open Discord app and log into your account.
  • Click your profile icon (the Discord logo) at the top-left of home screen.
  • On the right of the screen, you can right-click the person’s name in the chat list and choose Profile.
  • Click Send Friend Request button to add people to Discord server by sending them an invitation link.

Method 4

  • Open Discord and log into your account.
  • Click your profile icon at the top-left.
  • In your chat list that is located at the right side of the screen, right-click the target friend, and choose Add Friend to add friends on Discord.
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How to Add Someone on Discord on Mobiles

  • Open Discord app on your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Select the target Discord server you want to add a friend in the left side.
  • Tap Invite Members button.
  • Freely set the default invitation settings, can tap Create Link.
  • Tap Share Link to invite friends to your server.

Bottom Line

By following the detailed guides above, you should know how to add people on Discord and invite friends to a Discord server now.

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