This post published by MiniTool Technology mainly gives you a clue about how to backup WordPress site as well as its database. To complete the task, you have to rely on professional plugins or services.

What Is WordPress?

Just as it is described on its official website, WordPress is an open-source software that you can rely on to create beautiful websites, blogs, or apps. You can also extend WordPress with over 55,000 plugins to help your website meet your needs.

Why Need to Back up WordPress Website?

Accidents happen to all things, even to the reliable and powerful WordPress database. There it contains everything of you including your posts, comments, and links. So, if the WordPress database crashes, it will cause a great loss to you.

To avoid such a thing happens, you can’t stop unexpected attacks, yet you can create a backup of your WordPress. Thus, once your data get lost during some accident, you are able to restore it back ASAP.

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How to Backup WordPress Site?

Before starting backing up your WordPress site, you should have it in mind that your WordPress website contains these contents: WordPress core installation, themes, images, files, JavaScript, PHP, other code files, additional files, static web pages, and plugins.

WordPress Backup by Host Provided Backup Software

Nearly all website hosts offer backup programs to create an image of your site. Just check your host and figure out what backup programs or services they provide.

Backup WordPress Website with Sync Feature

Some programs like WinSCP enables you to sync your website between your server and updated hard disk to create a mirror copy of your content. It is a quick process. This keeps that you always have the newest copies in both locations.

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Backup WordPress Site to Computer

How to backup your WordPress site? There is another way. You can make use of FTP Clients (e.g. Cyberduck) or UNIX Shell Skills to copy your website files to a folder on your local computer. Furthermore, you can compress the folder to save disk space, thus you can keep more versions of backup.

The recommended backup strategy is to create three copies of backup and store them respectively in different places (online, offline, or local) on different mediums (hard drives, USB flash drives, CDs/DVDs, etc.)

Tip: For computer local data backup, you are recommended to use the professional and powerful MiniTool ShadowMaker. With it, you can easily and quickly create a backup copy of your crucial files.

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WordPress Backup Database

Just as mentioned in the start content, the WordPress database contains everything of your website except for the contents that WordPress website backup covers above. Therefore, many hosts select to back up the whole server to keep data safe. Yet, restore WordPress from backup of the database isn’t that speedy.

Anyhow, back up your WordPress database regularly and always before an upgrade or a move to a new location. It will prevent you from data loss to the greatest extent. You can rely on these popular server programs to access phpMyAdmin:  Plesk, cPanel, Direct Admin, Ensim, vDeck, and Ferozo.

Then, you can back up your WordPress database with phpMyAdmin.

1. Click Databases on the top menu of phpMyAdmin.

2. Choose the target database you want to back up.

phpMyAdmin Structure

3. Click Export and select Quick or Custom. If you choose Custom, you need to specify the output, format, etc. of the backup image.

4. Click Go and the backup files will be saved.

Automatic WordPress Backup

There are plenty of plugins that allow you to carry out scheduled backups of your database automatically. It can start the backup process at the set time without manual operations. Also, the backup frequency is arranged. Find and get your automatic WordPress backup plugin here >>

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