This post is going to teach you how to do Borderlands 3 check mail. Though the process is very simple, it is not explained clearly in the game. So, many players do not know the method. Read the following content provided by MiniTool to find the answer.

Borderlands has an email system that enables you to receive items (weapons, gear, and so on) in-game. Yet, the mail system has been explained well in the game.

What You Can Get from Your Email in Borderlands 3?

While you are playing Borderlands 3, you will receive emails from different corporations containing items such as weapons, grenades, pre-order bonuses, rewards from Borderlands 3 VIP program as well as other rewards. When mails are received, there will be a small envelope icon underneath the minimap noticing you about that. Therefore, you should clear out your inbox by opening the emails. Yet, how to check mail Borderlands 3?

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How to Check Mail in Borderlands 3?

Just like mentioned in the above content, you can get better weapons and gear from the emails sending to you by all kinds of manufacturers in the Borderlands universe like corporations Jakobs, Atlas, Maliwan, etc. so, it is of great necessity for you to check out these emails, arm your character (Vault Hunter) with better equipment, and behave better in your next adventure.

You can only access your email and collect your items while you are in the game, and not while you are at the main menu. If you try to reach your emails while at the main menu, you will be greeted by a message saying that it is only accessible when playing.

Tip: If you want to receive the emails for a specific character, you need to load into the specific character first.

If you have been playing Borderlands 3 for some time and you have not checked your Borderlands 3 mailbox before, you will probably have a bunch of mails there, which means that you may have a lot of weapons stored there. Yet, maybe you are now too strong to use some of the weapons left by you. So, you can sell them off to the vendors for other items, money for example. Then, you can make use of the money to buy weapons that suit you and upgrade your character.

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Where in Borderlands 3 You May Get an Email?

You can get such kind of emails described in the above occasionally when you take your journey in the game. For instance, when you complete missions in the game. When a new mail arrives, a message will appear on the upper-left screen, so you get to know that you have received a new email and maybe containing a new weapon you need.

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