The hard disk of the computer is very large, but the computer is still running slowly. This is most likely because the computer's RAM is insufficient or occupied by other applications. This article will tell you how to free up RAM with four efficient ways.

What Is RAM?

RAM (also called randomaccess memory) is one of the most important components of desktop PCs and laptops. It is mainly used as a temporary data storage medium. There is RAM on your computer to keep your system up and running, and it allows you to quickly load what you want.

In addition, RAM is also used as virtual memory, RAM disk and shadow RAM. However, when the RAM on the computer is running insufficiently, the computer will run slower.

How to Clean RAM?

In order to keep your computer running, you can increase the RAM by cleaning the RAM. So how to clean RAM? Below I will tell you how to release RAM as soon as possible with four methods.

1. Close All Unwanted Programs or Restart Your Computer

As we all know, if too many programs are turned on in the computer, the running speed of the computer will be slower. This is because the amount of RAM allocated to each program is limited, which causes the running program to slow down.

Therefore, you need to close all the apps you don’t want to use or you can click Power at first and then click Restart.

2. Install More RAM

If your memory is very low but you need to run a lot of software every time, therefore, installing more RAM is the easiest way to provide more RAM.

3. Update Device Drivers

Drivers and Windows are constantly being updated over time, but if the system is updated without updating the driver, system files and drivers may not be compatible, resulting in excessive RAM consumption. Then updating the driver in time can also release the RAM.

Here’s how to update your driver.

Step 1: Open File Explorer and right-click This PC to continue.

Step 2: Choose Manage to continue.

right click This PC and choose Manage

Step 3: Choose Device Manager under the System Tools option to continue.

Step 4: Right-click the device under Disk Drives, then choose Update driver.

choose Update driver

After updating the driver, you can avoid not only taking up too much RAM but also ensuring that the operating system runs normally.

4. Change The Virtual Memory Size

If you don’t have enough physical memory on your computer to run the program and receive an error message with insufficient virtual memory, then you need to manually change the size of the virtual memory to make the program work. 

Now I will tell you how to change the virtual memory size in Windows 10. 

Tip: If you are afraid of losing data, then you can back up important files at first.

Step 1: Open File Explorer and right-click This PC, then click Properties to continue.

click This PC and choose Properties

Step 2: Click Advanced system settings on the left menu.

click Advanced system settings

Step 3: Click Settings… on the Advanced page.

click Settings to make change

Step 4: Click Change… on the Advanced page.

click Change…

Step 5: Uncheck Automatically manage paging file size for all drives at first, then check Custom size and enter the initial size & maximum size. Then click Set and OK to finish changing virtual memory size of Windows 10.

enter initial size and maximum size

By adjusting virtual memory, you can improve computer performance and add more RAM.

Bottom Line

How to clean RAM? According to this post, there are four solutions to clean RAM. Now you can easily free up RAM when there is not enough RAM for your computer.

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