Wonder how to paste into Command Prompt in Windows 10? This post teaches you how to enable copy and paste in CMD (Command Prompt) in Windows 10. If you want a free data recovery program, disk partition manager, system backup and restore tool, screen recorder, video converter, etc. you can visit MiniTool Software official website.

How to paste into Command Prompt? You can use your mouse to select the text in Command Prompt and right-click your mouse to paste command.

The newer version of Command Prompt also lets you use the familiar keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V to copy and paste text in CMD.

If you are facing the issue that you can’t copy and paste inside Command Prompt in Windows 10 by using the Ctrl C and Ctrl V, check how to enable copy and paste command in CMD prompt below.

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How to Enable Copy and Paste in Command Prompt

Step 1. Press Windows + R, type cmd, and press Enter to open Command Prompt app in Windows 10.

open Command Prompt

Step 2. Next, right-click the title bar of Command Prompt, and select Properties from the menu list.

Step 3. Make sure the Enable Ctrl key shortcuts option is checked. You can also check the Use Ctrl+Shift+C/V as Copy/Paste option. Click OK to save the setting.

how to paste in Command Prompt

Then you should be able to use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V to copy and paste in Command Prompt window. You can also copy the text from another program or browser and paste the text into Windows 10 Command Prompt with the same shortcut.

If you have any issues with pasting command in CMD, you can use Ctrl + Shift + C/V to copy and paste in CMD prompt in Windows 10.

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Two Useful Text-editing Tips in Command Prompt

Esc key

If you type a wrong command line and want to delete it in Command Prompt window, you can press Esc key on the keyboard to delete the wrong command line at once. This is much easier than erasing the long command line with Backspace key.

CLS command

If you want to clear Command Prompt screen to wipe all command lines, you can type cls command in CMD and press Enter to easily do it.

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