ViVeTool is a tool that can help you enable or disable hidden (new) features on Windows 11. But do you know which features can you enable using this tool and how to use ViVeTool to help you do these jobs? In this post, MiniTool Software will tell you the answers you want to know.

How to Enable Hidden Features on Windows 11?

Before rolling out a new version of Windows 11, Microsoft always tests the new features in the Insider preview builds of Windows 11 in Windows Insider Program. In some cases, you need to manually enable hidden features on Windows 11 (preview builds). Here, a tool needs to be mentioned: it is ViVeTool.

ViVeTool is an open-source command line utility. To enable the new features on Windows 11, you need to run some commands after downloading ViVeTool. But you may don’t know how to use ViVeTool to get the new features on Windows 11. In this post, we will talk about this topic.

Available ViVeTool Commands

In this part, we will list the available ViVeTool commands:

  • /enable: enables a feature using a specified feature ID.
  • /disable: disables a feature.
  • /query: lists all the existing feature configurations. Using the command, you can see the ID of each feature, the state of a feature, ID priority , and type.
  • /addsub: adds a feature usage subscription.
  • /notifyusage: fires a feature usage subscription.
  • /reset: removes custom configurations for a specific feature that has been enabled by yourself.
  • /delsub: removes a feature usage subscription.
  • /import: imports custom feature configurations.
  • /appupdate: checks for updates for this tool.
  • /export: exports custom feature configuration.
  • /fullreset: removes all custom feature configurations. This can help you disable all new features that are enabled by yourself.

How to Use ViVeTool on Windows 11?

As for enabling or disabling new features on Windows 11, ViVeTool can do the following things for you:

Well then, how to enable or disable hidden features on Windows 11 using this tool? Here is a universal guide:

Step 1: Download ViVeTool on your Windows 11 PC.

Step 2: Extract the downloaded zip file and move it to C drive. Then, copy the path of the ViVeTool folder.

Step 3: Click the search icon in the taskbar and search for cmd.

Step 4: Right-click Command Prompt from the search results and select Run as administrator.

Step 5: Type cd ViVeTool path to CMD and press Enter to run the command. You need to replace ViVeTool path with the path you have copied. In my case, the command is cd C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\ViVeTool-v0.3.2.

Step 6: Then, run this command: vivetool /enable /id:12345678 to enable the specified feature. run this command: vivetool /disable /id:12345678 to disable the specified feature. Here, you need to replace 12345678 with the actual feature ID.

Here are some commonly used feature IDs for you to choose:

  • 37969115: desktop search bar
  • 39420424: search bar in taskbar manager
  • 34300186: full-screen Widgets
  • 36860984: Task Manager option in the Taskbar context menu
  • 38652916: new Widget settings

You can make use of these feature IDs to enable or disable these features on Windows 11.

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