Do you want to make your Windows 10 computer host a hotspot for your other devices? Do you know how to use wireless hotspot on Windows 10? In this MiniTool post, we will talk about Windows 10 hotspot: how to create and use a wireless hotspot on your Windows 10 computer?

If your Windows 10 computer has hardware that supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth hotspots, you can use your PC to host a wireless hotspot for your devices. Then, you can connect your photo and tablet to your Windows 10 hotspot for internet surfing. Now we will show you how to use wireless hotspot on Windows 10.

How to Create a Windows 10 Hotspot?

1. Click Start.

2. Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile hotspot.

3. Unfold the dropdown menu for Share my internet connection from to select the network adapter whose internet connection you want to share.

  • If it is a desktop computer, it should be an Ethernet connection.
  • If it is a tablet with a cellular data connection, it should be an LTE connection.

4. Choose to host the internet connection over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth under Share my Internet connection over. Unless your computer doesn’t support Wi-Fi, you’d better select it because Wi-Fi offers faster internet speed than Bluetooth.

5. Click the Edit Then, type your network name and password. Then, click Save to execute the settings.

6. Turn on the button for Share my Internet connection with other devices to activate your Windows 10 Wi-Fi hotspot.

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How to Use Windows 10 Hotspot?

  1. The new Windows 10 Wi-Fi sharing will be displayed as a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network on your devices. You can click it and then tap the password to access it.
  2. After your Windows 10 hotspot is active, there will be a new option in Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile hotspot: Power saving. You can turn it on to make your Windows automatically turn off the mobile hotspot when there is no device connected for a period.
  3. If you want to disable this Windows 10 hotspot, you can click Win+A to open Action Center and then click Mobile hotspot to access it and turn it off.

Reading here, you should know how to use wireless hotspot on your Windows 10 computer. Next, we will introduce a useful software for you.

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