Some of you find that Hulu won’t play certain shows when intending to watch some videos on it. To address Hulu missing episodes, we have sorted out some potential reasons and feasible solutions for you on MiniTool Website. If you are also troubled by it, this post might be useful to you.

Hulu Missing Episodes

Hulu is one of the largest streaming platforms in America and it provides a wide range of movies and TV shows to stream. However, it is frustrating to run into Hulu missing episodes on your device. Don’t worry, we will help you to find reasons and solutions.

Here is a list of causes for Hulu missing episodes:

  • You are using a VPN connection.
  • The episodes are unavailable in your region.
  • The Hulu server is down.
  • Your device is not compatible.
  • The accumulated cache and data are corrupted.
  • You don’t update the latest version of Hulu.
  • The right to keep certain episodes has expired.
  • The subscription plan you choose doesn’t support streaming those episodes.
  • Some of the content might be offensive or inappropriate.

How to Fix Hulu Missing Episodes?

Fix 1: Check the Server Status

Maybe the problem is not on your end and you can check if the Hulu server is down at the moment. If so, Hulu will skip to the end of episodes and even crash. Here’s how to check if Hulu is at downtime:

Step 1. Go to Downdetector.

Step 2. Type Hulu and hit Enter. If Hulu is down, you only need to wait for the developers to solve the problem for you. If there is nothing wrong with the server, please move to the next solution.

type hulu

Fix 2: Restart Your Device and Relog into Hulu

Relogging into your Hulu account after a power cycle of your device might also help to solve Hulu missing episodes. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Open Hulu and click on the Profile icon to select Settings.

Step 2. Click on Log out and then reboot your device.

Step 3. Finally, relog into your Hulu account to check if Hulu not updating new episodes is gone.

Fix 3: Clear Cache & Data

You had better clear the cache and data on your Hulu regularly because sometimes they might get corrupted due to some reasons. Once they are corrupted, the Hulu app may not work properly. Therefore, clearing the cache and data might be useful for Hulu missing episodes.

on Android phones:

Step 1. Go to Settings and find Hulu in the app list.

Step 2. Click on Hulu > Storage usage > Clear data > Clear cache.

on Google Chrome

Step 1. Launch Google Chrome and click on the three-dot icon.

Step 2. Click on More tools > Clear browsing data.

Step 3. Set Time range to All time and select all the items.

Step 4. Press Clear data.

hit Clear data

Fix 4: Clear Watch History

Clearing your watch history can help you to access episodes that were previously hidden due to Hulu’s algorithms.

Step 1. Launch your Hulu and click on Continue watching or View all.

Step 2. Hit the three-dot icon on the movie thumbnail and tap on Remove from watch history.

Step 3. Press Confirm to confirm your action. Relaunch Hulu to inspect if Hulu episodes not showing disappears.

Fix 5: Turn off VPN

As mentioned earlier, Hulu is a popular American streaming platform, so if you access Hulu via a VPN from a location outside of the US, some content might be not available to you. Therefore, you can turn off VPN or switch a server that belongs to the US.

Fix 6: Update Hulu

If you don’t update your Hulu for a long time, update it right now! The newer version of Hulu can fix most bugs and glitches in the old version. Follow these guidelines to update Hulu:

Step 1. Go to Google Play and find Hulu.

Step 2. Click on Update if there is an update available for you.


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