You know that you can use the Instagram app on your phone to watch Instagram live videos. However, do you know how can you do the same job on your desktop computer? In this MiniTool post, we will introduce a Chrome extension that allows you to watch Instagram live on PC. This extension is IG Stories for Instagram.

Can You Watch Instagram Live on Desktop?

Are you an Instagram user? If yes, you must spend a lot of time on Instagram Live videos. Most of the time, you are watching Instagram videos using your phone. However, is it possible to watch Instagram live on PC?

The answer is yes. But, you are not allowed to log into your Instagram account and then go live on Instagram on a computer or watch Instagram live on PD. You need to install a third-party Chrome extension in advance. This extension is called IG Stories for Instagram.

In this post, we will show you how to watch Instagram on PC by adding IG Stories for Instagram.

What Is IG Stories for Instagram?

Some of you are not familiar with IG Stories for Instagram. So, we will first introduce it here.

IG Stories for Instagram is an extension for Chrome. It allows you to watch Instagram Live videos on your desktop computer. With it, you can also watch stories and download the finished Live videos on your Windows computer. You can use this extension on both Windows and Mac.

You can open your Google Chrome to search for IG Stories for Instagram and then select the search result that from This is the official and safe entrance to get this extension.

IG Stories for Instagram

After entering the above page, you can also get the introduction of this extension. For example, the May 5, 202 update version shows that there is a new added feature:

upload image to your Story from any web page

How to activate:

click popup icon -> go to Story -> upload button -> enable

How to Watch Instagram Live on PC via IG Stories for Instagram?

Now, it’s time to show you how to install IG Stories for Instagram on your Google Chrome and then use it to watch Instagram Live desktop videos:

1. Click Add to Chrome on the chrome web store.

2. Click Add extension.

3. Log in to your Instagram account using your Chrome browser.

4. Click the IG Stories for Instagram extension that is on the top right side of Chrome and then select Go to IG Stories.

click Go to IG Stories

5. You will access the extension version of the Instagram page where you can see four categories above the search box: Friends, Locations, Search, and Upload. Normally, you stay at the Friends page where you can see a list of your friends who have posted images and videos recently.

your Instagram page

Besides, if your friends are currently broadcasting a live video, you can see there is a Live icon beside the username. You can click on the Live icon to watch the live video.

However, if there are no live videos, you can click on the corresponding Eye icon to watch the previous ended live videos in Stories.

Additionally, you can also use IG Stories for Instagram to download Stories, watch Stories from strangers that are tagged with a country location, and search for Stories by Users, Tags, and Places.

download Stories

You can see that this App is very useful of you want to watch Instagram live videos on PC. Moreover, since IG Stories for Instagram focused on live videos, if you want to use the full functionality of Instagram, you’d better use it in tandem with another app.

IG Stories for Instagram Alternatives

Reading here, you may ask are there any IG Stories for Instagram alternatives? Of course, yes. We will show you two options: is a tool that allows you to stream live videos from your computer to multiple platforms including Instagram. However, it is useful for content creators but not for the ones who want to watch Instagram live videos on PC.

Desktop for Instagram

Desktop for Instagram is another extension that can be used for watch Instagram live on PC. You can also use it to post videos to IGTV and download images & videos from Instagram.

After testing, we still this IG Stories for Instagram is a better choice for you to watch Instagram live videos on PC.

Bottom Line

From this post, you know that IG Stories for Instagram is your good choice to watch Instagram live videos on PC. Why not try it when needed. However, we think using your phone Instagram app to watch live videos should be a better choice relatively.

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