What is Intel Unison? How to download and install Intel Unison to use it to connect your Android phone or iPhone to your Windows 11 PC for data sync? MiniTool gives you details about this app in this post and let’s look over it.

Connecting your phone to a PC or laptop to share data or transfer files is a new norm. There are some official apps to tie all your devices together so that you can transfer anything you want from one to another seamlessly. For Samsung devices, you can use the official app like Samsung Kies or Samsung Flow to transfer files between your device and your PC.

In addition, there is an app called Phone Link that is released by Microsoft. This program can help connect your Android phone to Windows 11 and Windows 10 to transfer files, receive phone notifications, receive and send SMS, etc.

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However, these apps can only work with Android phones. For an iPhone, you cannot connect it to your PC to enjoy data transmission. Fortunately, Intel makes it possible with the new app Intel Unison.

What Is Intel Unison?

Via the Intel Unison app, you can easily connect your Android phone and iPhone to a Windows 11 PC. With an intuitive one-time setup, this program can integrate your devices in a snap, which is fast and easy.

Intel Unison enables you to quickly transfer files & photos between your PC and Android or iPhone, make and receive voice calls directly from your PC, send and receive text messages, and receive & manage phone notifications on your PC.

Note that Intel Unison is only used on Windows Evo laptops and only pairs with Android- or iOS-based phones currently. Besides, the system should meet the requirements - Windows 11 version SV2, Android 9 and above, and iOS 15 or above to use the Intel Unison software.

Intel Unison Download & Install

How to install Unison on your PC and phone for use? It is easy for this task.

Intel Unison Download & Install Windows 11

To install Intel Unison in Windows 11, you need to get it via Microsoft Store.

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Store in Windows 11 via the search bar.

Step 2: Type Intel Unison to the store’s search box and press Enter.

Step 3: Click the Get button to start downloading and installing Intel Unison.

Install Intel Unison Android/iOS

For an Android phone, you can go to Google Play Store, search for Intel Unison and install it on the device. For iPhone, you can open Apple App Store to install this app.

After installing this app on your Windows 11 PC and iPhone or Android phone, make sure you enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both two devices. Next, connect your PC and phone for data transfer.

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How to Use Intel Unison to Connect Android Phone/iPhone to Windows 11 PC?

Step 1: Open Intel Unison on your PC and phone.

Step 2: Follow the on-screen to allow Intel Unison access.

Step 3: Tap on the Scan QR Code button on your phone.

Step 4: Point your phone’s camera at the QR code that is in Intel Unison on Windows 11 to scan.

Step 5: Then, a verification code appears on the PC and phone. Check if the code is the same. Then, click Confirm on your PC to verify your device.

connect iPhone to PC with Intel Unison

After successfully pairing these two devices, you can directly receive messages, notifications and calls on your PC, transfer files and images between the PC and phone, etc.

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Final Words

After reading this post, you know what Intel Unison is and how to download & install it on your Windows 11 and iPhone/Android phone, as well as how to use Intel Unison to connect the phone to your PC. If you need, just follow the given guide for this task.

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