If you find your Wi-Fi Internet cuts out for a few seconds, you may feel very annoyed but don’t worry. You are not alone and many users have reported this problem. In this post, MiniTool will offer some effective solutions to help you troubleshoot the issue.

Wi-Fi Only Connects for a Few Seconds

Internet connection is very important when you use your computer. But, it is not always working well and you may encounter many issues, for example, media state media disconnected, the IPv6 no network access error, etc.

In addition, you may encounter another common issue. When using a wireless connection to access the Internet, you may find the Wi-Fi connection drops every few seconds, which makes you annoyed.

Fortunately, you can try these solutions to easily get rid of the issue.

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Fix: Internet Cuts out for a Few Seconds

Run the Network Troubleshooter

In Windows 10, there are various troubleshooters to fix many common problems. If the Internet keeps cutting out for a few seconds, you can use the built-in troubleshooter.

Step 1: Go to the Troubleshoot window by pressing Start > Settings > Update & Security.

Step 2: Locate Network Adapter and click Run the troubleshooter to fix the issue with wireless.

Step 3: Follow the on-screen guide to finish the fix.

run the network troubleshooter Windows 10

Change Security Type

Many networks are secured by a password. If your Wi-Fi Internet randomly drops for a few seconds, it may be the issue with the encryption type.

According to users, you need to re-authenticate the router after a period of time while using WPA-PSK encryption. As a result, the Internet cuts out. The solution to this case is to sign in the router, go to the Wi-Fi or Wireless connection and change the encryption type. To know how to do the operation, you can check your router’s manual.

Factory Reset Router

If it is the issue of the router’s configuration, perhaps the Internet keeps dropping for a few seconds. To fix this issue, you need to reset your router to its factory resettings.

Step 1: Sign in your router administrative credentials.

Step 2: Locate the reset option and do the work by following the guide on the screen.

1. If there is no administrative credential, get it online.
2. The reset button may be hidden, so press it for about 5 seconds by using a long and thin object.
3. Depending on the router model, the reset process is different.

Turn off SNMP

In some cases, you can turn off the SNMP feature to fix the issue with W-Fi. If your Internet cuts out for a few seconds, open the configuration page of your router, find and disable SNMP.

Change Wireless Channel

If your Internet keeps disconnecting for a few seconds, it may be interference from other wireless signals or wireless networks. To get rid of this issue, change your wireless channel to channel 9 or more by checking the router’s manual for detailed instructions.

Disable RunSwUSB Service

Some users reported that a driver conflict may cause problems with Wi-Fi. If you are bothered by losing Internet connection every few minutes or seconds, it may be an issue with a certain service like RunSwUSB that forces your computer to switch to another driver from one.

To fix this issue, you can follow these instructions to disable RunSwUSB.

Step 1: Open the Services window by pressing Win + R, inputting services.msc and clicking OK.

Step 2: Locate the RunSwUSB service and double-click it to open the Properties window.

Step 3: Set the Startup type to Disabled. If the service is running, stop it and then save the changes.

Check the Driver

If your driver is damaged or outdated, perhaps your Internet cuts out for a few seconds. But you can install the latest driver for your wireless adapter.

Just find the model of the adapter, go to the website from your manufacturer, download and install the latest driver. Alternatively, you can update the network adapter in Device Manager.

device manager

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The End

Are you losing Internet connection every few minutes or seconds? Now, try these solutions below and you can easily get rid of the issue. Don’t hesitate if your Internet cuts out for a few seconds or minutes.

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