Some people will hesitate between an iPad and a laptop with a better performance of iPad so is that possible to use an iPad as a replacement for a laptop? Is that worth buying an iPad when you already have one laptop? To better understand their functionality, please refer to this article about iPad vs laptop on MiniTool Website.

Pros and Cons of iPad vs Laptop

First of all, if you are struggling to immediately decide which one you should choose, you can directly check this pros and cons comparison analysis to help you choose them.

iPad Pros and Cons


  1. It has a lighter and more portable body to carry on.
  2. It provides a touchable screen for handwriting and playing.
  3. It is a great study assistant for students with note-taking programs, such as Notable.
  4. It is a great device for digital painters with the help of Apple Pencil.
  5. It has better battery life.


  1. No keyboard and mouse lower office efficiency
  2. Does not have powerful graphics or a processor.
  3. Does not run the software that laptops do.

Laptop Pros and Cons


  1. You can enjoy a bigger screen and a better processor.
  2. It has a better storage capacity than iPads.
  3. More proprietary software is allowed.
  4. It is good for multitasking and game-playing.


  1. Shorter battery life.
  2. Heavyweight and not as portable as iPad.

Above all, you can see that those two products actually can apply to different situations. Thanks to your demands, if you just want a better office and study assistant to improve your efficiency, you can consider buying an iPad with an Apple pencil or you can match a keyboard separately.

But if you have more professional uses and higher requirements for software, you’d better go for a laptop. For wider uses, iPads are still less than a competitor for laptops but a complement.

For further feature comparison between iPad and laptop, you can check the next parts.

Key Difference between iPad vs Laptop

Weight and Screen

It is easy to tell that iPads are lighter than laptops with an average weight of two or three pounds and usually, they, just like full-screen phones with a 7.9-to-12.9 inches screen, are smaller than laptops.


Depending on which laptop brand you want to choose, the price will fluctuate greatly, about $400-3,000 while iPads will cost you about $300 – $1,000. In a nutshell, iPads will cost lesser than laptops.

Ease of Use

For an iPad, you can match it with Apple Pencil, Apple keyboard, and mouse, exactly like a laptop configuration, which will help you improve efficiency but one thing you need to notice is that some software may be unavailable for you.

Computing Power

A laptop has a more powerful CPU, more RAM, and better graphics compared to iPads. Therefore, laptops may do better when you execute a wide variety of tasks.

Battery Life

iPads have rechargeable lithium-ion battery which takes a lot of space inside the device to have a long life while a laptop battery needs to support other essential components to give you the performance you want.

Bottom Line:

iPad has developed more and more features that you can enjoy with a laptop. With its touchable screen and portable body, better flexibility can serve you a better experience but is that a total replacement for a laptop? You may have your solution after reading this article about iPad vs laptop. Hope this article can help you.

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