This essay created by MiniTool support discusses a new technology the may be applied to iPhone 13 – no ports. It elaborates the advantages and drawbacks of this application and the possible influences it will bring to users. Find more related knowledge below!  

09/16/2021 update: iPhone 13 still has Apple's proprietary Lightning port for charging and all four models of iPhone 13 will be available on September 24, 2021. 

09/10/2021 update: Apple is going to reveal its next-gen iPhone 13 on Sep. 14 together with Apple Watch Series 7 and AirPods 3. 

What Does iPhone 13 Portless Mean?

Generally, iPhone 13 portless refers to that there won’t be any port on iPhone 13 including the USB-C charging port and headphone jack. Thus, will it be true?

Portless Phone Advantages

  • Make chargers less susceptible to damage from bending.
  • Say goodbye to wired earphones.

Portless Phone Disadvantages

  • Only available wireless recovery depends largely on Internet speed, which is much slower than wired transfer.
  • More power is needed to fully charge your phone.
  • More charging time may be needed.
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Is iPhone 13 No Ports True?

As for the headphone jack, Apple has already removed it from its smartphones since iPhone 7 in 2016.

Recently, a lot of rumors say that Apple will abandon the lightning port as well for its new generation of iPhones probably for iPhone 13 Pro Max in 2022, which will bring a truly universal wireless experience. So, for charging the iPhone 13 Pro Max, you are provided with a wireless method by attaching the back of the phone to a wired round pie.

Where Does iPhone 13 Portless Rumor Come From?

Late in 2020 or early in 2021, some people or organization have rumored that there won’t be any port in the next iPhone generation.

For examples, MacRumors reports that the iPhone 13 Pro Max will likely not have any port at all; and Jon Prosser claims that at least one iPhone will be portless for the next iPhones.

One portless iPhone coming next year.
Never USB-C. Eventually, they’ll all be portless.

— Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser)

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Opponents Says Impossible for Portless iPhone 13

However, in March 2021, several news or posts point out that there will not be any portless iPhones this year and the new iPhone 13 will still carry the lightning port.

For instance, a new YouTube video by EverythingApplePro indicates that Apple won’t dismiss the lightning connector on this year’s iPhone.

Besides, there are some reasons for not having completely wireless iPhone. First of all, if there is no port for wire connection, it means the mobile phone can’t be connected to other devices like desktops or laptops. Therefore, if the phone gets somethings wrong and need to restore, the only choice is wireless restore. If the wireless restore utility, such as Internet recovery, is not ready yet, its not good to make the handset portless now.

Secondly, Apple has just won a new patent of a new magnetic smart connector designed in several styles. Although there is no official announcement yet, it can be safe to suspect that such a charger might be making its way into the iPhone 13. Besides, Apple has previously applied a similar type of connector in the iPad designed to link to Apple’s Smart Keyboard.

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No matter iPhone 13 will be portless or not, we will surely have the Qi-based MagSafe charger from Apple, which has been proven to work on other phone brands as well. The use of Qi-based MagSafe charger shows the seeking for a wireless future to some degree.

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