Internet speed is critical for a smooth gaming experience. Some users wonder “is 400 Mbps good for gaming”. You can refer to this post to get the answer. Besides, this post from MiniTool introduces the factors that affect your Internet.

When you’re gaming on a PC or console device like PS4 or Xbox, you want to make sure your internet connection is fast enough to keep up with other players and keep you competitive. Some gamers wonder “is 400 Mbps good for gaming”. Keep on your reading.

Is 400 Mbps Good for Gaming

Is 400 Mbps good for gaming? In terms of raw download speeds, anything above 25 Mbps is fine for PC and console gaming. Speeds over 100 Mbps are considered fast and ideal for multiple gaming consoles running at the same time.

400 Mbps is fast enough for gaming! You may also find that the Internet connection is better and faster than a wireless Wi-Fi connection. So 400 Mbps gaming is fast, as 100 Mbps or higher internet gaming is pretty fast; they can handle multiple online gaming users at once with little/minimal interruptions.

How fast your Internet depends entirely on your Internet speed. Usually, when Internet providers advertise speed, they mean download speed. If you’re wondering how download speeds relate to games, you should know that download speeds determine how quickly your PC gaming console receives data and information from Internet servers.

Also, the higher the number of devices connected to the 400 Mbps internet, the more likely they are to determine the speed of your internet connection (explain the maximum speed). This explains why some service providers limit the number of devices you can connect to at one time.

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What Upload Speed Is Suitable for Gaming?

In addition to the download speed, you should also consider the upload speed. Online games are interactive, which means you send information back to a remote server. You also need to consider your upload speed needs. Fortunately, the same rules apply, and what you need is very small, around 1 or 3 Mbps. These speeds are sufficient for even a poor Internet connection.

If you’re streaming on a console with 3+ Mbps download speed and 2+ upload speed with 100ms latency, you’ll have a fairly smooth gaming experience. However, to be on the safe side, it is recommended that you have at least 5+ Mbps download and 3+ Mbps upload with latency between 50-100ms.

Given that most broadband internet connections are at least 25 Mbps, that’s more than enough for multiple consoles to play online at the same time.

Other Factors Impacting Internet Connections

Besides download and upload speeds, there are other factors you must consider when it comes to getting the best gaming experience. These include:


This is a measure of how long it takes your computer to communicate with the game server. Your latency is in milliseconds and should be as low as possible. If your lag exceeds 100ms, you may notice input lag or lag during battles or other key moments in your game.


Ping will determine your latency and should also be a very low number. If your ping is high, you can improve this by playing on a game server closer to your physical location. Maybe you are interested in this post – How to Check Ping on Windows? Perform a Ping Test Now.


This is considered lag when you notice that your game is not responding while you are pressing buttons on your keyboard, mouse, or controller. Lag can mean the end of a competitive gaming session, or it can hinder casual gaming. High latency and ping can be equated with lag, slow internet connection, or a high rate of package loss.

Final Words

Is 400 Mbps good for gaming? I believe that you have got the answer. Besides, you have known other factors impacting your Internet connections.

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