Is Google Drive secure? How secure is Google Drive? Is Google Drive safe? This post from MiniTool will show you some Google Drive tips and how Google Drive secures your files. In addition, MiniTool also provides some Windows tips and solutions.

Is Google Drive Secure?

When it comes to Google, it would be very familiar with many users, which is one of the most popular browsers around the world. Besides the browser product, it also provides the cloud service and it is Google Drive. It is used to store personal files or company documents and transfer files.

However, when it comes to storing files and data, you may have privacy concerns and wonder whether Google Drive is secure.

Is Google Drive secure? Users expect the best security from Google. At the same time, Google Drive is secure and safe. It uses the 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption for files in transit and 128-bit AES keys for files at rest. It means that Google Drive uses a stronger encryption (256-bit) when you are uploading, downloading or accessing the files which are stored on Google Drive. When they are not being messed with, a lesser-but-still strong 128 bit encryption is used.

Google Drive

However, you also need to know that even though data is stored on your computer, it is still not 100% secure. So, in order to protect your files well, you can choose to back up your files. Hence, the professional backup software – MiniTool ShadowMaker is recommended.

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The hacker that is lurking on your network can intercept data as it is sent from your computer to the Google Drive server. The encryption level determines how easy or hard it will be for them to decrypt what they gather.

In addition, Google assumes that they use multiple layers to protect user data. The data are broken into chunks so that each chunk isn’t useful by itself.

When you want to upload a document or file on Google Drive, the particular chunk is updated and a new security key is used to encrypt it. Because the old key is discarded, it enhances its security. In addition, each data chunk is encrypted using a different key, so it will take several attempts to hack a person’s entire data.

So, is Google Drive safe? It is positive.

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How Secure Is Google Drive: Possible Threats

Google Drive security threats come in a lot of forms such as hackers, human errors, software, hardware bug, etc. So, as for how secure is Google Drive, when using it or other cloud services, you should consider whether it is safe during file transferring, software bugs and the privacy of the cloud itself. In addition, there are some other threats that may cause damages to your data. So, you can choose to encrypt your files or choose to use other services to save and store your data and files.

Final Words

To sum up, is Google Drive secure? After reading this post, we believe that you already have the answer and it is safe undisputedly. Google Drive is a popular place to save files and it is also used to transfer files. Google Drive provides good encryption method to the data, which makes it hard to decrypt.

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