Though Windows 11 has brought many new features and advancements in performance, it still has some bugs and causes various issues, like any other new systems. For normal users, Windows 11 has done more good than trouble. However, today’s topic is whether Windows 11 is good for gamers. Do you really need to upgrade on a gaming PC?

Windows 11 has always been a hot topic and draws much attention of the public since Microsoft announced its release. Now, Windows 11 is officially out, making it easy and free for users to upgrade their system to the latest version. After taking a lot of factors into account, many people want to install Windows 11 on their PCs at once.

  • There are many new features in Windows 11.
  • The overall performance of the new system is improved greatly.
  • The support for Windows 10 will be ended on Oct. 14, 2025, which means Microsoft will stop issuing security patches or feature updates for Windows 10 users.
  • Etc.

What's Changed Most In Microsoft Windows 11?

However, have ever thought of the question - do you really need Windows 11? For gamers, the answer may be negative, at least for now. Should you upgrade to Windows 11 for gaming? The following content tells all.

Tip: No matter what version of the system you're using, you need to be careful when performing tasks on your PC. After all, mistakes are easy to be made and they will cause serious problems like data loss and system malfunctioning.

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Should You Upgrade to Windows 11 on Gaming PC

Many people are not sure whether they really need to install Windows 11; they are asking should I upgrade to Windows 11. To figure things out, you should first know what will happen if you don’t upgrade.

What If You Don’t Upgrade to Windows 11

As mentioned earlier on this page, Microsoft plans to end its support for Windows 10 on Oct. 14, 2025. Till then, no updates will be issued for Windows 10. But that doesn’t mean Microsoft will force you to upgrade to Windows 11.

  • Before October 14, 2025, you won’t have any trouble sticking with Windows 10.
  • Even after the end of support date, you can still use Windows 10 computer the same way you have been. Just like many people who are still using Windows 8 or Windows 7 till now.
  • The end of support for Windows 10 only means the updates will be stopped and your computer may become more vulnerable than before, but it doesn’t affect your normal use of the system.
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Amazing Windows 11 Features for Gamers

You may find the following features in Windows 11 attractive as a PC gamer:

  • Auto HDR: this feature is already added to Xbox Series X/S and your games will look better and more colorful with it. Your visuals of games will be modified to a higher dynamic range by the Auto HDR feature, giving the image more depth and richer colours.
  • DirectStorage: this feature is used to speed up the loading process of your games. The graphics card will load game data directly from SSD, skipping CPU processing, so the loading speed will be much faster than before. It’s the same as the technology that makes things load so fast with the Xbox Series X’s SSD.
  • Better integration with Xbox app and Xbox Game Pass: this feature makes Game Pass games accessible from Windows 11. With it, your PC and Xbox will work more seamlessly together.

Good features for gaming

Do You Need to Upgrade to Windows 11 for Gaming

Longing for faster load times, better frame-rates, or closer integration with Game Pass, you may decide to install Windows 11 on PC currently. But wait; please know the following things before upgrading.

  • Two of the security features - VBS and HVCI - are heavy and can affect your Windows 11 a lot; they may cut the performance of a gaming PC by as much as 8%. The VBS may cause as much 28% frame-rate decrease in games.
  • Windows 11 is reported to cause an issue with AMD processors, impacting the performance of some games. AMD warn its users of the issue in the Windows 11 performance variation in certain applications post, but it confirms a fixing is on the way.
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What else to consider? You should figure out what Windows 11 can do for you, how much does it cost, can it run on your PC, etc. before upgrading the system.

As a result, gamers are advised to wait at least the first couple of weeks to install Windows 11 (the new version of Windows) since its release. It’s even better to wait a bit longer to install Windows 11 on a gaming PC.

That’s all I want to discuss on should you upgrade to Windows 11 for gaming.

What Are The Features Currently Missing From Windows 11?

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