As you know, iTunes is the official software designed by Apple to allow users to access their iPhone (iPads or iPods) on a computer and make changes to the device. You should be able to manage your iOS device on computer after connecting it. However, people are complaining that their iTunes not detecting iPhone; they are depressed and want to fix the problem quickly.

The iTunes app designed by Apple can be used in many ways, such as device management tool, media player, media library, and Internet radio broadcaster. Today, our topic is using iTunes as the device management utility but iPhone not showing up in iTunes.

How to Fix iTunes Not Detecting iPhone

iTunes has both Mac and Windows versions, so that users can manage their iOS devices on these two platforms easily. Yet, you may find your iTunes not detecting iPhone sometimes after you connected the iPhone. Why doesn’t iTunes recognize my iPhone? Can I fix when iTunes won’t recognize iPhone? People would ask questions like these. If you’re one of the victims of the iTunes not recognizing iPhone issue, please read the following content carefully.

iTunes Could Not Connect To This iPhone: Error 0xE8000065.

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The following solutions work both for iPhone not showing up in iTunes Mac and iPhone not showing up in iTunes Windows.

Solution 1: Check the Connection

Check the cable:

I once find my iPhone won’t connect to iTunes because of the connection problem; this is a common cause. So you should go to make sure the cable is connected properly to both the iPhone and the computer at first. Please try to unplug the cable and then re-plug it in.

Besides, you should check whether the cable is broken or contains any dark spots. Please use another cable to connect if possible.

Check the port:

Also, you should go to check whether the USB port is damaged or has any dirt/stain. Please try to connect your iPhone to another USB port on the computer.

In addition, you can try to connect your iPhone to another computer to see what happens.

Solution 2: Restart the iPhone and Computer

If the iTunes doesn’t recognize iPhone on PC and Mac even after you tried the above solution, you should try to restart both the iPhone and your computer. The restart will clear the RAM of your device, which may interfere with how your iPhone or computer is working.

Restart iPhone: Press and hold the right side button and the volume up button (or volume down button) to restart your iPhone (if you’re using the iPhone with a Home button, please press and hold the Power and Home buttons).

You should also try to restart your device and computer when encountering iTunes sync error -54:

How To Fix The iTunes Sync Error 54 On Windows & Mac
How To Fix The iTunes Sync Error 54 On Windows & Mac

Please don’t panic when you see the iTunes error 54 during the iPhone, iPad, or iPod syncing process since it can be fixed easily.

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Solution 3: Unlock iPhone and Trust Computer

Please make sure your iPhone is powered on and unblocked while connecting it to a computer. Besides, you should press Trust when seeing the pop-up Trust This Computer prompt window.

If you accidentally clicked Don’t Trust, the iTunes won’t be able to recognize iPhone. How to fix in this case? You should go to your iPhone -> open Settings -> select General -> choose Reset -> click Reset Location & Privacy.

Reset Location & Privacy

Solution 4: Update iOS and iTunes

How to update the iOS system on your iPhone: open Settings -> select General -> click Software Update to check for updates available -> click Download and Install -> follow the instructions to continue.

How to update iTunes: open iTunes on your computer -> select iTunes or Help from the menu bar -> choose Check for Updates from the submenu -> follow the instructions to continue.

Check for Updates

Also, you may update the OS of your computer to try to troubleshoot iPhone not showing up in iTunes.

  • To troubleshoot iPhone not showing up in iTunes on Mac, you should also try to uninstall security software.
  • To troubleshoot iTunes not detecting iPhone on Windows, you should also try to update the iPhone driver and update the Apple Mobile Device USB driver.

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