What is JunkCtrl for Windows 11? How to run this debloater to remove Windows 11 stock apps or pre-installed apps? In this post, MiniTool guides you through many details about the open-source Windows 11 bloatware removal tool JunkCtrl. Let’s get started.

It’s Necessary to Debloat Windows 11 by Removing Apps

As everyone knows, the system requirements of Windows 11 are higher compared to any previous Windows operating systems and one highlight is the more storage space (at least 64GB) for applications and Windows updates. If you have installed Windows 11 on your PC, you may find Windows 11 is bloated.

This operating system comes bundled with many pre-installed apps that are out of the box. These pre-installed programs and shortcuts are added to the Start menu. Besides, this bundled software suite also includes some UWP and Win32 apps, as well as PWAs (Progress Web Apps).

Many Windows 11 pre-installed apps like Bing Weather, MSN News, Xbox, People, Clipchamp, OfficeHub, etc. are not used often. Some run in the background and take up many system resources, and then slow down the PC, decreasing the performance. Besides, battery life is wasted.

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Then, you can choose to uninstall these unnecessary apps to debloat Windows 11 to utilize system resources effectively and let the computer operates at its full potential.


Before debloating Windows 11, we strongly recommend creating a backup for your PC to avoid computer accidents due to mistaken operations. You can run the professional Windows 11 backup software – MiniTool ShadowMaker to create a system image or back up important files.

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JunkCtrl for Windows 11

To debloat Windows 11, some of you choose to uninstall these apps via the traditional way – uninstalling the target program one by one via Control Panel or Windows Settings. However, it is time-consuming and sometimes you fail to uninstall apps since some Windows 11 pre-installed apps don’t offer the uninstall option. Also, if you are professional, you can do the uninstallation via PowerShell.

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So, how to unbloat Windows 11 in a reliable and secure way? The open-source Windows debloater – JunkCtrl comes for Windows 11.

JunkCtrl is created by Belim who is the developer of Windows tools like ThisIsWin11 and BloatyNosy. You may think JunkCtrl is redundant since BloatyNosy has a feature of debloater. But it is not totally true. JunkCtrl brings an all-round reform and it allows you to quickly and efficiently remove the obsolete apps and the bloatware in bulk that typically comes embedded with Windows 11.

Well then, how to get JunkCtrl for Windows 11 to remove default apps or pre-installed apps from your PC? Move to the next part to find some details.

Download JunkCtrl for Windows 11 to Remove Apps

The program of JunkCtrl is under 100KB and can run right away without installation. See the following guide on JunkCtrl download for Windows 11 and how to remove Windows 11 stock apps with JunkCtrl.

Step 1: Visit the page of JunkCtrl on GitHub via a web browser.

Step 2: Under Assets, click Junkctrl.zip.

JunkCtrl download for Windows 11

Step 3: Extract all content of this .zip folder, then open the JunkCtrl folder and double-click on the Junkctrl.exe file to run this app.

Step 4: When receiving the Microsoft Defender SmartScreen warning, click More info > Run anyway.

Step 5: Check the app categories, click on the Search button, and JunkCtrl will scan the entire system to show you a list of stock apps on your PC. Just check the ones and click Add to bin.

remove Windows 11 stock apps with JunkCtrl

On the left side, you can see some hated apps. Just choose the one you don’t need and click Add to bin.

Or you can click Skip and use Copilot, then all your apps on the machine are listed. Choose the one you don’t want and click Move to add it to the bin.


To choose multiple items at once, you can press Ctrl on the keyboard and then click on each item to select.

Step 6: Finally, click the Uninstall button to remove default apps from Windows 11.

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Final Words

To sum up, JunkCtrl for Windows 11 is very useful to remove Windows 11 pre-installed apps. Just download and run it to debloat Windows 11. Note that this Windows 11 bloatware removal tool cannot remove the most important built-in apps including Microsoft Edge, .NET framework, UI.Xaml and more since they are needed for Windows 11 Experience and other programs.  

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