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Recently LaCie, the premium brand from Seagate Technology, has launched two new storage solutions at NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) 2019, which targets creative professionals and prosumers. They are LaCie Rugged RAID Shuttle and LaCie 2big RAID. Now, let’s go to see these two RAID storage products.

Two New Seagate LaCie Storage Solutions

Seagate LaCie 2big RAID and Rugged RAID Shuttle offer an internal RAID 0/1 setup for increased speed and redundancy. Both products adopt USB-C USB 3.1 interface (Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.0 compatible) for faster transfer speeds.

The 2big RAID is a more static fixture whereas the Rugged RAID Shuttle is designed for the rigors of regular shipping or travel. Right now, let’s go to see these two RAID products.

LaCie Rugged RAID Shuttle

LaCie Rugged drives have already been around for 14 years. In drop, water, and dust resistance, they are industry-leading. And they feature the well known orange-themed Neil Poulton design, in various options and capacities.

The latest drive in the series is LaCie Rugged RAID Shuttle. The drive uses orange rubber shell surround on it, which can assist with that drop and shock resistance, lets it easily fit in a backpack or shipping envelope and suited for frequent mailing or use outdoors.

LaCie RAID Shuttle

The RAID Shuttle offers the same features as the Rugged RAID Pro, for example, it offers up to 250MB/s in RAID 0 for performance and RAID 1 for data redundancy, which can be configured through the LaCie Toolkit. Besides, the RAID Shuttle also features IP54 dust and water resistance, as well as 1.2-meter drop and impact resistance.

Above all, compared to the Pro, the latest rugged drive features Seagate Secure Hardware Encryption with AES 256-bit password protection on the drive, which can keep your sensitive data protected from a leak or unauthorized access.

In addition, this device can be connected to your computer by USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C interface and it is compatible with USB 3.0 Type-A with an included adapter cable. And it offers a massive 8TB of storage capacity.

connect LaCie Rugged RAID Shuttle to PC

What’s more, Seagate LaCie Rugged RAID Shuttle has a three-year warranty and Rescue Data Recovery Services. Besides, it includes one-month complimentary membership to Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Plan.

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The Rugged RAID Shuttle will be available in May, with only 8TB capacity and the MSRP is at $529.99.

LaCie 2big RAID

It is designed to be an external desktop solution for creative professionals who are constantly juggling data-intensive projects with the need for speed. The 2big RAID uses Seagate’s IronWolf Pro drives which are enterprise-class drives, offering up to 16TB capacity and great endurance.

LaCie 2big RAID

Much like the Rugged RAID Shuttle, you can transfer data with speeds of up to 440MB/s over USB-C connector that is compatible with Thunderbolt 3, USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10Gb/s), and legacy USB 3.0. In the same way, RAID 0/1 options can be configured via LaCie Toolkit.

The chassis of LaCie 2BIG RAID is an aluminum unibody enclosure, which is able to fit two 3.5-inch HDDs. And it is powered by an external power supply. It also includes Rescue Data Recovery Services and offers a 5-year warranty.

LaCie 2big RAID is availble starting April 2019 with MSRP of $419, $529, and $739 for the 4TB, 8TB, and 16TB models respectively.

Final Words

Now, these two Seagate LaCie storage solutions are told to you. Do you want to know more about the two new drives? You can visit the LaCie website. If you want to get one to use, please wait patiently and buy one once they are in the market.

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