In Office, the Microsoft Learning Tools can be used to improve your skill of reading now matter you are old or young, skilled or not. However, many of you don’t know how to use it. Thus, it is quite necessary to make a guide to show you how to use Learning Tools in Microsoft Word.

What Is Microsoft Learning Tools?

Do you know the Learning Tools in Microsoft Office?

Indeed, it is a set of features which is available in Word. It can help you to improve the reading skills anytime.

When you are using an Office 365 subscription or Office 2019, you can follow this guide to use Microsoft Learning Tools.

How to Use Microsoft Learning Tools in Word

Firstly, you need to open Learning Tools in Word:

To open it, you need to open Word. Then click on View tab and Learning Tools button successively.

Then, you will see some features on the tool bar like Column Width, Page Color, Text Spacing, Syllables, and Read Aloud.

All of these options can be used to improve your reading, spelling, and comprehension skills.

In the next content, we will introduce them one by one.

Column Width

You can use this option to decide the width of the text lines which can determine how your eyes see the content.

Here, you can choose Very Narrow, Narrow, Moderate, and Wide according to your own needs.

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Page Color

This option can make you to change the background color which can suit your eyes in the best way, and thus decrease eye strain while reading the content in Word. There are three choices for you: None, Sepia, and Inverse.

Text spacing

With this option, you can add wider space between characters and words. This can improve your reading fluency.


Through this option, you are able to divide the words into syllables which can assist you to improve many skills like reading, spelling and word pronunciation.

Read Aloud

You can click on this button to bring up a set of media controls with which you can hear the words loudly.

Just choose the text you want to hear and click on Play button. Besides, you can press the Previous and Next button to return to the previous or next paragraph you have selected.

To control the reading speed and voice accordingly, you can press the Speaker button to make a selection.

If you make full use of these learning tools, you reading and spelling skills will be improved largely.

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