This article posted by MiniTool unit lists most bloatware apps that are built in Samsung phones and tablets and are safe to remove. With these lists, you can easily find and handle unwanted programs with or without rooting your phone.

What Is Bloatware?

Usually, bloatware refers to the programs or applications that are preinstalled on a device (desktop, laptop, notebook, tablet, smartphone, etc.) or bundled with other software, usually by the manufacture of the machine.

The bloatware is usually unexpected and unwanted by end-users. In most cases, they will not use the bloatware at all. More annoying thing is that the bloatware will become larger and large to occupy increasing device resources and slow down your machine.

Therefore, a lot of people are in urgent need of uninstalling the bloatware from their devices, especially from their mobile phones that tend to run out of storage space and memory, thus to stuck out by junk software.

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List of Samsung Bloatware Safe to Remove

As one of the well-known cell phone brands, Samsung phones are also full of default apps that are preinstalled when they are still in the factory. Samsung users are suffering from bloatware negative effects after a period of usage of their mobile phones.

Thus, most Samsung phone holders claim to remove bloatware from their devices. Yet, they are worried about unexpected problems and errors after deleting those unnecessary tools. So, they are asking for a list of bloatware that is safe to uninstall.

Below are some lists of different types of Samsung bloatware. The list is in alphabet order and the source is from

  • Below apps are found on the Galaxy S9, S10, S20, Note 10, and Note 20 with most of them are common on all Galaxy phones and tablets of Samsung. You as a single user don’t have all of the following bloatware.
  • Below lists include some essential system apps that must be removed or disabled carefully. For some functional apps, once you uninstall them, to ensure your normal use of the device, you have to install third-party alternatives, such as Samsung Keyboard.

Samsung Bixby Bloatware

  • | Bixby homepage launcher
  • | Bixby Routines
  • | Bixby features
  • | Bixby Vision
  • | Bixby Voice
  • | Bixby debug app
  • | Bixby Vision

ANT+ Service Apps

  • dsi.ant.sample.acquirechannels
  • dsi.ant.service.socket
  • dsi.ant.server (sensitive: may cause boot loop on some devices)
  • dsi.ant.plugins.antplus
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Samsung General System Bloatware

  • | Message app
  • | One hand mode
  • | Samsung Car Mode
  • | Homescreen widget
  • | Samsung Internet
  • | Galaxy Friends
  • | Samsung Smart Switch
  • | Galaxy Watch
  • | Samsung Weather
  • | What's New
  • | Samsung Shop
  • | Voice Recorder
  • | Smart Things
  • | Samsung Members
  • | Samsung Calculator
  • | Samsung Split Sound Service
  • mobeam.barcodeService | Barcode scanner
  • | Samsung Wallpapers
  • | Samsung Cloud
  • | Galaxy Note series bloat
  • | Mobile Universal Switch
  • | VisionCloudAgent
  • | Bixby Vision
  • | Finance widget
  • | Sports widget
  • | Samsung Story Video Editor
  • samsung.safetyinformation | Saftey Information
  • samsung.storyservice | Samsung StoryService (Tracks device activity)
  • | Air command (Note series bloat)
  • | Always on Display
  • | Samsung Dex
  • | AR Doodle
  • | Samsung Voice Input
  • | User tracking app (sensitive)
  • | Samsung Email
  • wsomacp | Samsung Email

Samsung Pay and Pass

  • | Samsung Auto fill
  • | Samsung Authentication
  • | Samsung Pass
  • | Samsung Pay (sensitive)
  • | Samsung Pay Framework (sensitive)

Samsung Recreational Bloatware

  • | Flipboard app
  • | Digital wellbeing
  • | Dual Messenger
  • | Live Message (Note series bloat)
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Samsung AR Emoji

  • | AR Emoji
  • | Stickers for AR Emoji app
  • | Emoji updater

Samsung Printing Service Components

  • android.bips
  • android.printspooler

Samsung Game Launcher and Settings

  • enhance.gameservice

Samsung Gear VR

  • google.vr.vrcore

Samsung Kids Mode

  • | Camera stickers
  • | Kids Home launcher
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Samsung LED Cover


Samsung Dex

  • samsung.desktopsystemui

Samsung Verizon Bloatware

  • vcast.mediamanager | Verizon Cloud
  • samsung.vmmhux
  • vzw.hss.myverizon | My Verizon
  • | Digital Secure
  • motricity.verizon.ssodownloadable | Verizon Login
  • | Verizon Tones
  • samsung.vvm | Visual Voicemail
  • vznavigator.[You_Model_Here]| VZ Navigator

Android Bloatware on Samsung

  • android.bips | Default Printing Service
  • android.bookmarkprovider | Bookmark Provider
  • android.browser | Web Browser
  • android.calendar | Calendar app
  • android.cellbroadcastreceiver | Cell broadcasting
  • android.cellbroadcastreceiver.overlay.common
  • | Chrome Browser
  • android.deskclock | Stock Clock app
  • android.dreams.basic | Screensaver app
  • android.dreams.phototable | Screensaver app
  • android.egg | Android Easter Egg
  • android.emergency | SOS Calling
  • android.hotwordenrollment.okgoogle | OK Google
  • android.mms | MMS app
  • android.mms.service | MMS
  • android.printspooler | Printing service
  • android.statementservice | Checks APK files
  • android.stk | SIM Tool-kit
  • android.wallpaper.livepicker | Live wallpaper
  • android.wallpaperbackup | Wallpaper backup feature
  • android.wallpapercropper | Wallpaper cropping feature
  • android.providers.downloads.ui
  • android.providers.partnerbookmarks
  • android.sharedstoragebackup
  • android.vpndialogs | VPN Dialog
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AT&T Bloatware on Samsung

  • att.dh | Device Help
  • | DIRECTV Remote App
  • | AT&T TV
  • samsung.attvvm | Samsung AT&T Visual Voicemail
  • att.myWireless | myAT&T
  • | AT&T ProTech
  • | AT&T Smart Wi-Fi

Google Bloatware on Samsung

  • | Google Docs
  • | Google Maps
  • | Google Photos
  • | Google Duo
  • | Digital Wellbeing
  • | Feedback app
  • | Gmail
  • | Google Quick Search
  • | Gboard
  • | Talkback feature
  • | Google Play Music
  • | Mobile Printing
  • | Calendar Sync
  • | Text-to-speech
  • | Google Play Movies & TV
  • | Youtube
  • | AR Lens

Facebook Bloatware on Samsung

  • facebook.katana
  • facebook.system
  • facebook.appmanager

Edge Display on Samsung

  • | Edge panel plugin for contacts
  • | Edge panel plugin for Samsung Internet
  • | App panel plugin for Edge display
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Other Samsung Bloatware

  • synchronoss.dcs.att.r2g
  • wavemarket.waplauncher
  • sec.penup
  • greatbigstory.greatbigstory
  • android.documentsui
  • drivemode
  • | CNN Mobile
  • | Bleacher Report
  • aetherpal.device
  • innogames.foeandroid
  • playstudios.popslots
  • foxnextgames.m3
  • audible.application | Audible
  • microsoft.skydrive | Microsoft OneDrive

How to Find Bloatware by Yourself?

The above lists of Samsung bloatware safe to remove is currently complete. Yet, as times goes by, more new bloatware will be added into Samsung phones. If this article fails to catch up the space of bloatware updating, how can you get the newest list of Samsung bloatware?

Also, for different Samsung devices, the list of bloatware is unlike, how to find your bloatware list? There are 3 ways.

Way 1. Rely on ADB Command for

Open the command prompt (CMD) or PowerShell on a computer, enable USB Debugging on your Samsung phone or tablet, and connect your device to the computer. Then, perform one of the below commands according to your need.

Get the list of all Samsung apps:

adb shell pm list packages | grep 'samsung'

Get the list of system apps only:

adb shell pm list packages -s

Get the list of all apps:

adb shell pm list packages

Way 2. Use Play Store URL

You can find the APK package name for any app by simply opening the app page in the Play Store in a desktop browser.

Way 3. With a Third-party Program

Many powerful tools in the market that enables you to find the names of the APK packages on your smartphone, such as App Inspector and Package Name Viewer.

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How to Remove Samsung Bloatware?

Generally, there are two methods to get rid of Samsung bloatware, rooting and without rooting.

If you have root access to your phone, you can easily delete the bloatware on your device. Yet, rooting your phone may result in future programs unable to run and void the manufacturer’s warranty. So, many users want to uninstall bloatware without rooting their phones.

Some solutions that can help you remove bloatware from your Samsung phone without rooting. Yet, they are somewhat complex. You should be careful while carrying them out.

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