If you don't know how to manage contacts in Outlook, you can read this article. It introduces some methods which makes using Outlook more convenient for you.

Compared with social software, we may be more inclined to use emails for work communication. Microsoft Outlook is a commonly used application mainly used to send and receive emails. When we need to communicate with not only one contact, how to better manage this large amount of contact information? This article from MiniTool will give detailed guidance.

Outlook Download for Windows 10/11, Mac, iPhone, Android
Outlook Download for Windows 10/11, Mac, iPhone, Android

This post teaches you how to get Microsoft Outlook downloaded for Windows 10/11 PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android to manage your emails, contacts, etc.

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What Is Outlook Contact

Simply put, Outlook contacts represent different email addresses. In Outlook, we can set the email addresses that we send emails frequently as contacts. After the setting is complete, we can directly select the target contact from the contact list when sending emails next time, which is very convenient and efficient for those who send and receive a large number of emails every day.

How to Add/Edit/Delete Contact in Outlook

How to Add Contact in Outlook

The first step to manage contacts in Outlook is to add contacts. There are three ways to add contacts in Outlook.

Step 1: Click the People icon in the lower left corner of the Outlook homepage (if not, please click the three dots on the right to display this icon).

Step 2: Click on the New Contact in the upper left corner (or click the New items button to add contacts).

select the button to create a new contact

Step 3: Fill in the contact information like name and email address and then click the Save and Close button.

select the button to save contact

In addition, if you've received an email from someone, you can also add that person directly to your contacts. You can move the mouse to the sender's name, and then click the three-dot button in the displayed window and select Add to Outlook Contacts.

select the button to add contact

How to Edit Contact in Outlook

If your contact information has changed, you can directly edit it on the previous basis instead of re-establishing the contact. The major steps are as follows:

Step 1: Select a contact and right-click to choose Edit Contact.

choose the button to edit contact

Step 2: Update information and save.

How to Delete Contact in Outlook

If you no longer need to communicate with someone in Outlook, you can also delete the contact.

The first way is that you can directly right-click the contact and select Delete. The second way is to select the contact and click the button Delete in the upper left corner of the edit contact page.

Manage Contact Group

If you often send emails to the same group of people, you can create a contact group in Outlook, so that you only need to send emails to the contact group instead of sending emails one by one, which can greatly improve work efficiency. How to create a contact group? Here are the major steps:

Step 1: Click New Contact Group on the People page (or click New items and then select Contact Group).

Step 2: Fill in the name of the group in the name part, such as the translation group.

Step 3: Click the button Add Members. There are three options, we generally choose From Outlook Contacts.

select the button to add group members

Step 4: Double-click the name you want to add to the contact group in the pop-up window (or click the Members button in the lower left corner after selecting the name).

Step 5: Click OK to confirm your choice and save.

For more information, please refer to: Step-by-Step Guide – How to Create a Group in Outlook.

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This article introduces how to manage contacts in Outlook, including the creation, editing and deletion of contacts, and the creation of contact groups. Different methods are given in the article. You can choose the most convenient and quick one according to the actual situation. If you have any other questions about the topic “how to manage contacts in Outlook”, please leave a message in the comment zone below.

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