The core of Microsoft new Edge includes Chromium. However, Microsoft’s New Edge VS. Google Chrome, who will win? We can’t give the answer right now. But, it is true that Microsoft is working on adding more attractive features to the new Edge.

An Early Build of Microsoft’s New Edge Has Been Released

On March, 2019, an early build of Microsoft’s new Edge was leaked on the internet showing us a first look at what Microsoft is working on. In 2018, Microsoft announced it was going to build a new Edge from the ground up using the open-source Chromium project. However, some questions have been left unanswered.

Now, an early build was released and you can know what Microsoft is working with this new Edge not that it is moving to Chromium. Meanwhile, there are more than promising in the early builds.

The new Microsoft Edge is a complete rebuild of the web browser that is no longer based on Chakra. It doesn’t use the company’s own rendering engine EdgeHTML, but use the same rendering engine found in Chrome. Due to this, you can handle websites like YouTube and TweetDeck quickly without any lag or performance issues.

The company also wants to manage to make Anaheim less resource intensive, using less RAM than both Chrome and the old Edge version.

Not all features are included in the early build of this new Edge. There is no Fluent Design; Edge-specific features like setting tabs aside and inking onto pages aren’t included currently. Microsoft is also evaluating the features users would lie to keep in the new version.

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New Features for Edge Currently

Now, we will summarize some features we discover in this new Edge:

  • There is a better password manager in this new Edge.
  • It has the ability to search via browser history.
  • It will be more reliable to sync across devices.
  • It has the ability of tab grouping.
  • It supports better progressive web app (PWA) and Chrome extension.
  • It also supports vast library of Chrome extensions which can be get from the Chrome Web Store with one click.

Microsoft’s new Edge VS. Google Chrome

As to the touch and scroll support, the early build are not as good as the old one. However, they are not bad.

Chromium has come a long way with touch support, and features like pinch to zoom now mostly work. If Microsoft adds back the rubber-banding effects on old Edge, the users’ experience will be more personalized.

The browser is very stable although it has only been in development for a few months. It is already more advanced than the old one since it is based on a mature platform Chromium. It’s as stable as Google Chrome is currently.

The new Microsoft’s Edge uses your Microsoft Account to sync data to the cloud which can then be accessed when your log in the browser on another device. However, you are not allowed to use a Google Account in Edge. You can transfer your Chrome browsing history to the new Edge and then sync it with your Microsoft Account.

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As a matter of fact, it is easy and reliable to port then browsing data from Chrome or the old Edge. You will not miss a bear when you switch browsers.

The core of new Microsoft Edge is Chromium and Blink and they are mature. Thus, Microsoft will have time to develop its surface-level features.

Is it better than Google Chrome?

Of course, it is too early to say new Edge is better than Chrome. However, it can be identical to Chrome. However, Microsoft will develop it in many surface-level features which will make it outstanding than Chrome.

You can say that this new Edge is a big rival to Google Chrome.

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