In July 2017, Microsoft said that Paint is on the list of deprecated Windows features, but due to the strong reaction of Microsoft Insider Community, Microsoft finally changed its mind and planned to move Paint to optional features according to Windows report.

Introduction of Microsoft Paint

Although Microsoft Paint is one of the most popular programs in the Windows operating system, Microsoft hasn’t intended to add new features to this program over the past few decades. In addition, Microsoft Paint was previously listed as one of the deprecated features, but the Redmond company also planned to release Paint 3D. But ironically, the Windows community is not interested in Paint 3D.

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Microsoft's Windows 10 Creators Update indicated that Paint was a deprecated feature because the company hoped to upgrade the Paint 3D application using classic paint features. However, due to strong opposition from the Windows Insider Community, Microsoft finally changed its mind. Starting with the Windows 10 May 20th update, message about Microsoft Paint being removed from the operating system was withdrawn.

Since the message about the MS Paint would be removed was withdrawn, MS Paint's loyal fans believe that Microsoft will not remove the app forever from Windows 10. In addition, Microsoft Paint is listed in the latest Insider build as an optional feature. According to Windows, Microsoft is likely to secretly plan to use this classic paint program as an optional feature in Windows 10.

Microsoft Paint is still in the testing as optional features and started by default at the moment. The use of Microsoft Paint as an optional feature indicates that it will no longer be a system component, but Microsoft has not made it clear whether it will turn this into a reality.

There is currently no way to uninstall Microsoft Paint, but after Microsoft pushes Microsoft Paint as an optional feature to the production devices, Microsoft will allow you to uninstall the program from the Settings.

Microsoft Paint is a very handy tool for most regular Windows 10 users if you want to apply it in practice. They can do some basic cropping in just a few seconds. You can zoom in or out by simply dragging the edge of the canvas with your mouse. Of course, Windows 10 users can also use advanced applications, such as Adobe Photoshop, to deal with layers to perform a simple task.

Although Microsoft Paint has been around for a long time, you can use it to edit quickly and easily. Compared to the software that comes with Windows, Paint 3D's features are completely different from this one. Due to the small size of the MS Paint, the Reddit community believes that there is absolutely no need to provide a useful program as an optional feature.

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Bottom Line

Although Microsoft wanted to remove Microsoft Paint, it has changed mind with the strong reaction of Windows Insider Community. And according to Windows report, it seems that Microsoft Paint remains as an optional feature in Windows 10.

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