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You may be easy to mess up when you have a lot of things to do. That’s why to do list is necessary. Considering this, Microsoft has bought the Wunderlist app in June 2015. Till April 2017, Microsoft announced a new app called Microsoft To Do to assist users to keep track of their tasks.

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What is Microsoft To Do?

You can know it clearly that the Microsoft To Do is used to manage tasks on Windows by just looking at its name. This Microsoft To Do app is announced initially in April 2017 as a task-management tool based on the cloud. You can get your stuff done every day orderly by creating Microsoft To Do list; this will improve the efficiency for work and personal life greatly.

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do Review

What Can the Application Do for You

  • It allows you to access the application from the web, Windows, iOS, and Android.
  • It also allows you to configure attributes, such as due date, reminder, and note for each task separately.
  • You can add multiple steps to even a single task.
  • Each of the task can be organized into several lists.
  • You can share the lists with your friends and families easily.
  • You can sync your tasks among different platforms (such as computers and mobile devices) as long as you sign in with a Microsoft Account.

Microsoft Account

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Microsoft To Do Gets An Update

History of the new Microsoft task manager:

  • In in June 2015, Microsoft bought the popular Wunderlist to-do app for $150 million.
  • Two years later, in 2017, Microsoft To Do was first released as a preview; it only includes some basic functions.
  • Later, in June 2018, more advanced features like Task list sharing had been added to Microsoft To Do.
  • Recently, in September 2019, Microsoft To Do finally got a major update.

What's included in the update?

The main changes in the new version are: more customization options available and the rename of app from To-Do to To Do (without hyphen). The root reason is that Microsoft wants to make this app more personal. Now, let’s discuss the exact changes.

One: header size & color.

The new Microsoft To Do will be a warmer and more personalized application; the header size will be reduced and there will be more colors available for you.

You’re provided with some new backgrounds like the famous Berlin TV tower that is also included in the old Wunderlist. What’s more exacting is that you are able to customize them for each list separately.

Two: dark mode.

As dark mode becomes more and more popular, many developers decide to add it to their system, application and devices. Microsoft adds the dark mode to Microsoft To Do without exception; it is added to the Android, Windows 10 and Mac platforms and will be coming to iOS soon.

How to enable Windows 10 dark mode?

dark mode

Three: synchronization.

The cross-platform syncing feature will be more powerful than before with the help of Microsoft Azure. In this way, you can access your li Microsoft To Do list anytime on all your devices, regardless of what operating system you are using.

Note: All you need to remember is that you need a Microsoft account to log in across devices.

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Four: integration.

Microsoft To Do is integrated with Microsoft Launcher closely and the Cortana integration is available in many countries around the world: United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, and so on.

Note: You have to configure Cortana’s speech to US English; otherwise, the feature won’t be available. All in all, it will be a better Microsoft task manager than the previous Microsoft Wunderlist.
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