If you have got Windows 11 on your computer and don’t like the new Start Menu, you can take measures to move Windows 11 Start Menu to the left side. In this post, MiniTool Solution gives you 2 simple ways to perform this task. As well, you can know how to move an app in Start Menu to the top.

Windows 11 Start Menu

Windows 11, a new operating system, has been released by Microsoft. If you want to get it, you can join Windows Insiders Program and get a preview build of Windows 11.

Get Official Windows 11: Windows Update or Insider Program?
Get Official Windows 11: Windows Update or Insider Program?

Where to get official Windows 11? From Windows Update, Windows Insider Program, or other ways? Which one is better? Can you use the leaked/cracked Windows 11?

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Tip: Before installing Windows 11, you can create a system image of Windows 10 using PC backup software like MiniTool ShadowMaker so that you can roll back to the old version of the Windows operating system if you meet some update problems.

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After running Windows 11 on your computer, you can find its new User Interface – especially Start Menu and Taskbar. The layout of the Start Menu has changed and included features have been streamlined. The icon is in a different place.

You may not be familiar with Windows 11 Start Menu and need time to understand it. Some of you prefer Windows 11 Start Menu for Windows 10. To make Windows 11 look like Windows 10, you can move Windows 11 Start Menu to the left corner or change to the classic Start menu.

How to Move Windows 11 Start Menu

To do this task, there are two simple ways for you – via Settings and Windows Registry Editor. Now, let’s go to see them.

Move Start Menu in Windows 11 to Left via Settings

Step 1: In Windows 11, press Win + I keys on your keyboard to open Windows Settings.

Tip: Some Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts still work in Windows 11.

Step 2: Go to the Personalization page, scroll down to the Taskbar section and click Taskbar behaviors.

Step 3: Go to Taskbar alignment and then change the option to Left. After the change, you can find the menu has switched to the left side of the taskbar.

move Windows 11 Start Menu to left

Move Start Menu in Windows 11 to Left via Registry Editor

To use Windows 11 Start Menu for Windows 10, you can tweak your Windows registry settings. This can not only move the menu to the left side but also switch back to the classic Start Menu (it looks like Windows 10 at least).

Tip: Before modifying registry items, you should make a backup to avoid system issues due to mistaken operations. Refer to this post – How to Back up Individual Registry Keys.

Follow these steps below:

Step 1: Press Win + R to get the Run window, type regedit to the text box and click OK.

Step 2: In the Registry Editor interface, navigate to the following path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced.

Step 3: Right-click the empty area and choose New > DWORD (32-bit) Value. Name the new value as Start_ShowClassicMode.

Step 4: Right-click it and choose Modify. Then, set its value data to 1. This means enabling Windows 10 classic Start Men. To change it back to Windows 11 Start Menu, set it to 0.

Step 5: Restart the PC.

Windows 11 Start Menu for Windows 10 via Registry

Tip: In addition to using Registry Editor to customize Windows 11 Start Menu, you can customize the Taskbar location, size, hide/unhide Widgets, and enable/disable Snap Assist Flyout. To get more information, you can refer to this post – How to Customize Windows 11 to Let It Look Like Windows 10.

How to Move an App in Start Menu to the Top

If there are many apps on your Windows 11 PC, it is not easy to find and launch a certain app from the Start Menu. You can move this app to the top to avoid scrolling down for your favorite apps.

Step 1: Click the Windows icon to open Start Menu in Windows 11.

Step 2: Put your mouse on an app and right-click to choose Move to top.

move an app to top in Start Menu

Bottom Line

How to move Windows 11 Start Menu? Now you know the methods after reading this post. Just follow the instructions above to easily do this task.

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