This article elaborated by MiniTool mainly provides multiple solutions for you to get MSI drivers for Windows 11 including system board drivers, Bluetooth drivers, and camera drivers. Read the below content to find the right solution and get the right driver!

Do you want to enjoy the freedom of upgrading your MSI device to Windows 11? If so, please refer to the following content to achieve that. MSI will further elevate this Windows experience on the upcoming devices with brand-new designs and innovations to satisfy gamers, creators, as well as business elites’ desires.

Get MSI Windows 11 Drivers

To download or update MSI drivers for Windows 11, first of all, you need to check out whether your MSI notebook supports Windows 11 or not.

MSI Notebooks that Support Windows 11

Aegis Series

  • MEG Aegis Ti5 11th
  • MEG Aegis Ti5 10th
  • Aegis 3 9th
  • Aegis Ti3 8th
  • Aegis 3 Plus 8th
  • Aegis 3 8th

Trident Series

  • MEG Trident X 11th
  • MPG Trident AS 11th
  • MPG Trident A 11th
  • MPG Trident 3 11th
  • MEG Trident X 10th
  • MPG Trident AS 10th
  • MPG Trident A 10th
  • MPG Trident 3 10th
  • Trident X Plus 9th
  • Trident A Plus 9th
  • Trident A 9th
  • Trident 3 9th
  • Trident A
  • Trident 3 8th

Infinite Series

  • MEG Infinite X 11th
  • MAG Infinite 11th
  • MAG Infinite S3 11th
  • MEG Infinite X 10th
  • MAG Infinite 10th
  • MAG Infinite S 10th
  • Infinite X Plus 9th
  • Infinite X 9th
  • Infinite A 9th
  • Infinite 9th
  • Infinite S 9th
  • Infinite X
  • Infinite A 8th
  • Infinite 8th
  • Infinite S 8th
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Codex Series

  • MAG Codex X5 11th
  • MAG Codex 5 11th
  • MAG Codex X5 10th
  • MAG Codex 5 10th
  • MAG Codex S 10th
  • Codex XE Plus 9th
  • Codex XE 9th
  • MAG Codex 5 9th
  • Codex 3 9th
  • Codex 3F 9th
  • Codex 3BF 9th
  • Codex S 9th
  • Codex XE
  • Codex 3 8th
  • Codex S 8th

META Series

  • MAG META S 3rd
  • MAG META 5

Where to Download MSI Drivers Windows 11?

If your notebook model is in the list of Windows 11 upgrade, you can find all Win11 driver/application from the MSI website product download page. If not, you should run Microsoft’s PC Health Check Tool to diagnose whether your computer is compatible with Windows 11 or not. If it is, you can use Windows Update to get the newest driver after upgrading to Win 11.

If, unfortunately, your device is neither in the Windows 11 support list, nor does it pass the compatibility check, you are strongly recommended to stay at the current Windows operating system (OS) and enjoy the best user experience. MSI can’t assist on any technical issues if the notebook does not meet the upgrade requirements and there won’t be any Windows eleven driver offered.

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How to Download MSI Motherboard Windows 11 Drivers?

In addition to the above-mentioned ways to get Windows 11 MSI drivers from the official websites of MIS or Windows Update, some other methods can also help you.

#1 Download MSI Drivers for Windows 11 via Device Manager

Firstly, you can receive the driver updates from Windows Device Manager. Just right-click the target device within Device Manager and select Update driver. Then, follow the on-screen guide to complete the task.

Besides, you can choose Uninstall device and restart the PC. Windows will automatically reinstall the removed driver for you.

#2 Download MSI Windows 11 Drivers by Driver Update Software

Secondly, you are able to get your MSI mainboard drivers with the help of a third-party driver updater. After downloading and installing on your machine, it will detect, find, download, and even install the needed driver for you.

Windows 11 Compatible MSI Motherboards

With the announcement of the long-anticipated Windows 11 from Microsoft, various MSI motherboards are up and ready to support the new system. And, people have 2 methods to enable Win11 support. On the one hand, you can enable TPM2.0 in UEFI BIOS manually. On the other hand, you can download the latest BIOS that supports the motherboard you own.

Windows 11 Motherboard List – Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, and ASRock
Windows 11 Motherboard List – Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, and ASRock

This post shows you many Windows 11 motherboards from Asus, ASRock, Gigabyte, and MSI. Let’s see a motherboard compatibility list there.

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Download Other MSI Drivers for Windows 11

Besides the MSI mobo Windows 11 drivers, there are many other MSI drivers that support Win11.

# MSI Bluetooth Driver Windows 11

The following provides two websites that offer the downloading of Win11 MSI Bluetooth drivers.

Download MSI Bluetooth driver from Driversol >>

Download MSI Bluetooth driver on RocketDrivers >>

# MSI Camera Driver Windows 11

There are two channels where you can get MSI webcam drivers for Windows 11.

Download MSI Camera Driver within Driversol >>

Download MSI Camera Driver on DriverGuide >>

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The new and powerful Windows 11 will bring you many benefits. At the same time, it will also bring you some unexpected damages such as data loss. Thus, it is strongly recommended that you back up your crucial files before or after upgrading to Win11 with a robust and reliable program like MiniTool ShadowMaker, which will assist you to protect your increasing data automatically on schedules!

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